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Thread: Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 24

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    Again I asked, to gym or not to gym? At first I got 1>37 which gave me the impression it was closed because 2uc indicated before that the gym was open. For clarification, I asked, is the gym closed or open? This time I got 24uc, which in my mind reinforced the conclusion that it was closed.

    I texted the trainer, the gym was indeed open, so I went. Still mulling over what 24uc could have meant. Well, my stepdad was supposed to drive me but he was fast asleep in his room.

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    I received 24uc a lot in December 2017, in relation to a planned trip to Newgrange, a Irish Neolithic passage monument for the Winter Solstice. At first I wasn't happy with it, because I thought it would mean that I couldn't go!

    Then I thought, well maybe it does mean I will go. Newgrange (Brϊ na Boinne), is one of the best and most spectacular Passage Monuments in the world. It is aligned to the Winter Solstice sunrise:
    Newgrange is a 5,200 year old passage tomb located in the Boyne Valley in Ireland.
    was built by Stone Age farmers, the mound is 85 meters (93 yards) in diameter and 13.5 meters (15 yards) high,
    an area of about 1 acre. A passage measuring 19 meters (21 yards) leads into a chamber with 3 alcoves.
    The passage and chamber are aligned with the rising sun at the
    Winter Solstice.

    I was pretty determined to go, however. 2017 was the first year that I was able to go, though all my adult life I have wished to be there. Neolithic Ireland, ancient Ireland has always been strong in my heart. All my life I have felt it within me; I even moved across the country to study archaeology and history. I have always had this imperative within me to study, learn, know and understand these places. It is always there inside me, as well as the feeling that these temples are very important to the world now, and that this age is the age we begin to remember and understand what the builders of these ancient monuments knew. have found myself more than once involved in protecting sacred places (protesting a road through the Hill of Tara, tending ancient wells etc). Many signs, I could feel the place pulling me, a friend even sent me €50 in the post so that I could afford the fuel to travel!

    So 24uc had me musing on 'home' and what home means. I always feel at home up on the hilltops with the ancient temples and fairy forts. I go to visit the hill of Tara, and I am straight away feeling at home, feeling something lacking inside my heart becoming full. A surprise trip to the Loughcrew cairns (I accidentally took the wrong road out of Trim, and stayed on the road when I saw the sign for Loughcrew) had me up on a hilltop, beside a cairn, playing my tin-whistle in the middle of the night! Newgrange? well I have drawn that Triple Spiral for years, I somehow have had many books about it, I always feel the place inside me. I have had dreams about an ancient battle at Knowth, another sister site, (teeth and blood in a field) since I was very small. I also have dreams of being a child, looking at, touching the carvings on standing stones. There is I have often found the outside of it strange, but I feel 'at home' there, very strongly. Often, If I visit the area, and I don't visit Newgrange, or Dowth (a sister monument in the complex) , things go wrong on the way out! I get lost, it lashes rain from a suddenly dark sky, my phone falls down in the car; I often have to stop, and the pull to go back is extremely strong. So I make sure now that I have time there, and I move slower, find something new in the landscape when I am there.

    So , considering 'home' and return, Going to Newgrange was a return home. However, I had an awful flu, I was feeling very tired and upside down (much other things going on) . I didn't make it on the 21st, the big day, with TV cameras, streamed live on youtube also. I did not wake up, though I did watch the livestream on the 20th. So I was 'at home' the passes closed. I did not leave the house that day.

    The next morning, I woke up late, 6:09 am. I got out, got in the car and drove across the country. I made it, just around sunrise. I was greeted straight away by a very dear friend whom I did not expect to be there. There were other people I know there too. Not only do they open the monument on the 3 days of solstice, but they also let groups into the mound for free. The 22nd was a quieter day than the 21st, which I found so much better. A friend was playing the Harp outside, and I played some whistle tunes with him too. We were allowed to walk all around the monument, and staff really respected our need to have spiritual space. I was even able to do a card reading for a friend (realised afterwards that that could be the first divinatory reading done there for millennia!).

    I was part of the last group to go inside; I brought my drum in, and my whistle. My friend brought his harp in, and the tour-guide said "I think, none of you need the tour, and I would like to let this man do as our ancestors would have, and play. I'm going to turn out the lights."

    So he turned the lights out, just the one beam they use to simulate the Winter Solstice Sunrise was shining in. There was such a sense of peace and balance, and awe. The Harpist played and sang in Irish (Gaeilge) and English. I moved myself slowly around to that triple spiral carving. For a period, I stood over the beam of light, without disturbing it. It was a completely transcendent experience. I felt like I was absorbing the energy of 5,200 sunrises, lunar and stellar alignments. On the winter solstice, our sun is bang on centre in the milky way, a massive stellar alignment. I could see/feel all that shining into this amazing monument.
    So a return within and home indeed!

    I could write all about the Neolithic Megalithic landscape of Ireland and the UK and Brittany for a long time, but suffice to say that these ancients wrote us a message across time, in stone, using the stars and sound and the entire landscape (for all these monuments are aligning also to each other, they are inter visible, or you can draw lines on maps and connect them up (Stonehenge - Howth Dolmen - Tara; Sliabh Gullion - Loughcre - Uisneach), stories and place-names share elements and characters - it is the codified knowledge carried across time to us, all their wisdom.

    I could talk, write about this forever it seems! Which again is 'at home' - I am at home talking about this, it is my culture, my ancestral heritage, I have studied it, I have walked in these places, they are part of me.

    I have wanted to write here about this 24uc experience for a while, but it has been hard, 24uc is often quite deep! I wonder if the ancient sages in China who wrote down the YiJing had heard stories of Newgrange?
    The monument itself is poetic, the stories around it kept the knowledge of the roofbox alive, and also the alignment with the constellation Cygnus, and the star Deneb (there are stories that the Irish god of love, Aoenghus Mac Σg (son of youth) lives here, and that he turned into a swan to be with his true love Caer, who was cursed and turned into a swan).

    Well, today, I cast 24uc for the day. I am feeling quite tired, a bit blank, I went out dancing on Saturday night, had fun, but lost my phone again, and my bank card. Didn't want to beat myself up, but to understand why I am reverting to old patterns, and why I am not too upset at losing the phone. Just after I cast it, and I was reading posts here about 24uc, my meditation shuffle playlist started playing a frequency of 110Hz, which is the frequency inside the chamber of Newgrange (which is often ascribed to why people feel such a sense of healing and peace within the chamber). Hence this made me think of my Winter Solstice mission and journey, and how it turned out, and that it was time to post about it. Apologies if it seems a bit long, there is no shorter way to tell the tale!

    Big 24uc questions to me are
    • Are you feeling disconnected?
    • Where are you at home?
    • What is it that you always return to?
    • What do you return to that lifts you up, or makes you feel bigger, part of something greater?

    24uc can be a question the Yi throws back at you - What gives your life meaning? Return to that, be still in yourself, put no energy out, and return to meaning.

    The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

    Alan Watts
    Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/alan_watts

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    A song for 24uc:

    [Verse 1]
    All movement is accomplished in six stages
    And the seventh brings return
    The seven is the number of the young light
    It forms when darkness is increased by one

    Change returns success
    Going and coming without error
    Action brings good fortune

    [Verse 2]
    The time is with the month of winter solstice
    When the change is due to come
    Thunder in the other course of heaven
    Things cannot be destroyed once and for all

    Change returns success
    Going and coming without error
    Action brings good fortune
    Sunset, sunrise

    No-one knows where Syd Barrett got this translation, the lyrics reference a few translations, but there is a discussion on it here:

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    Here it is with the lyrics

    It was sad what happened to Syd

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    I thought 24 was explicitly connected with the solstice - in the version of yi by Brian Browne Walker he writes: “A time of darkness comes to a close.

    Receiving this hexagram is a sign that you have reached a turning point. This moment is akin to the winter solstice: the greatest adversity is past, and the light is beginning to return. Nonetheless, one cannot force the completion of the change, and it is wise to rest. Act only when you can move gently and innocently, and all will be well.”

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