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Thread: Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 24

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    In the interest of being helpful I am posting a q with the result
    I asked should I go to xxxx
    24 unchanging
    Seemed like a good response, alarming though to read the imagery "the ruler does not travel through the provinces" which I ignored and went at 5 pm (is that a solstice?)
    Anyway it was to pick up a check at a job I had quit and when I went the check wasn't there, the person I spoke to said the boss probably mailed it. Which she had and I got it in mail 2 says later (minus the tips).
    So that's my 24 unchanging story.

    copied this from Susan who posted this in SR

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    Here's an unforgettable 24 UC I've got.

    Five years ago, my first day in a new job, in a city I had moved from and returned 6 months later due to lack of working options. I was heading to HR office and suddenly had a pretty strong bad feeling I was going to a prison. Had never felt like this before, something scary. I asked what was that: 24.

    I received some 24's UC too when the question I was asking was completely opposite to the real situation, something like "you're wrong, give up this idea".

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    Yes many times I have known it that way.

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    A friend had been dating and eventually living with a fellow but even after 5 years they never went through with their plans for marriage and eventually they split up. She asked me if he had been playing her, wondered if he had been intentionally mean to her. We got 24 unchanging which she interpreted to mean that he hadn't been intentionally leading her on but rather that with all their comings and goings still the partnership never really got off the ground - it always returned to square one and indeed they parted with very little fan fare - no drama, no big division of property - just sort of a hunh, well, time to go home.

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    My 24 unchanging epiphany it is the equivalent of the expression "back to square one." That's an easily understood analogue.

    - LL

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    Some years ago I had a brief relationship with a guy I liked very very much. He liked me too but after the initial surge of energy for me he became interested in other women as well. I suffered his turning away and lived a very stressful period because we were living in a communal situation, so seeing each other was a daily thing and difficult to avoid. After some months we both had to come back to Europe (we were in India), both to the same city although for him was just a stop-over. I asked the Yi what was going to be with him and got hex 24.
    We took the same taxi to Mumbay airport. During the trip (3 hours) he took my hand and didn't leave it till we arrived in Europe. He actually stayed with me for about a week before moving on to his city and shortly afterwards I also moved there. We lived together for a few months till again he felt the need to have more space and we split up. After a long period of distress I finally moved on and we always remained friends.
    So hex 24 brought us back together the first time and made me live the situation all over once again.

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    One time I had worked much in a three week period.
    I finally had a day off and was wondering what to do with myself that day.
    I cast and got 24.
    So I went home and took a break, I didn't go shopping or run any errands, I just recuperated.

    I think of 24 like the two week winter vacation most students get in the country where I live, or the big brother of 17.

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    Another anecdote.
    No point really.

    A wild eyed and overworked friend once told me that he suddenly had an idea to go off on a crazy and possibly dangerous to his health honest to goodness Adventure.
    But, he was also just thinking of relaxing at home or visiting a local hobby club. He was having trouble deciding and asked, "what is the best course for me today?" He got 24 unchanging.

    We laughed about images of the closed passes that a would-be adventurer would be turned away from (Due to the Yetis rampaging again ) He decided to rest and have fun.

    Does this prove anything?
    Not that I know of.
    But Yetis are cool.

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    Hex 24 Uc
    Mm. Returning to a point that is all too familiar - almost like ground hog day...

    However having been there before I am more familiar less cautious and more able to deal with the situation. Returning is not always a bad thing. Perhaps the timing was not right or things were not fully in place to move or travel forward

    Like the traveller
    Returning to his starting point. Same place same location but different time and different perspective. It's like a canoe friend says - same river different day different water different paddle...

    Sometimes it is the minutiae that we missed last time that are important
    On our travels returning to a familiar place can be comforting .. Familiar almost.
    Lets us rest before we continue our journey

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    Asked Yi what a bonfire was going to be like and got 24 uc. It was a great party with a beautiful fire and friendly people, until it started to rain and the party was moved into the garage. The change of scenery changed the tone of the party and I ended up leaving early and going to bed.
    Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth - Allan Watts

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