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Thread: Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 24

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    Default 24u result; return of friendship . Also 8.5

    I contacted a friend, after several years, and felt nervous about whether she'd reply to me. The question --of receiving a reply or not from her -- held great meaning for me. I did make a practice of letting go of the outcome, so as not to create a constraining feeling, and to allow the coming/going of the relationship. I received 24u. I also received 8.5 to 2. (which makes perfect sense of the "letting go" piece of it)
    Several weeks later, she did reply.
    So, in this case, the 24 says to me, -- there will be a return of friendship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meng View Post
    I received 24uc this morning to describe today and making the best of it.

    24 is still not 100% clear to me, because of the lingering question: return to what? There's implications of not going out the gate, in fact closing the gate, which also allows no one or nothing inside. Simultaneously, it is the return of yang (strong line at the bottom), which is still hidden, as the dragon is hidden in 1.1. I get the impression that being unsettled is part of the condition of 24, due to the combination of coming and going of "friends". Often friends seem to refer to aspects of ones own personality, or things someone instinctively responds positively to. For instance, to get the sudden powerful impulse to play music or express oneself can be part of returning to life. But also a way of turning inward.

    24 always feels something of an unsolvable paradox. The end is the beginning, the beginning is at the end. Not like 49's seasons, but at the polar opposites of coming and going, turning inward and turning outward, but not leaving the orbit. That means there are two returns for every orbit.

    Just a thought.

    There is another way to look at this hexagram, not a lot different but a little. Returning can also have the connotation of a turning point. Something is about to change. It also indicates a rise of sorts. After hexagram 23, when everything collapses, in 24 it is built up again. It is a cycle. It is a sine wave. We go up, we come down. We go in, we go out. We leave, we return. Or something else can return to us. Or something else can turn to us. People or things. It can be quite exhilarating or quite confusing. But both meanings are somewhat related.

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    I had experience similar to what Loverofknowledge described.

    One day I got 24 UC to my question about a friend, if he deemed restoration of our friendship possible. In 4 days I received an email from him, after 2 years of total lack of communication.

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    I received 24u again recently, regarding a dilemma.
    I can take a high paying job, which does not feel right to me (too much headache, too busy, not really what I want to be doing) or I can take lower paid work which gives me more flexibility in my schedule (but would be quite difficult financially). As a way out of the dilemma, I asked what I should do? I received 24u.
    I understood this to mean: return to my self, my principles, what inspires me, what I care about -- then the dilemma will be resolved.
    I will follow what is true to me.
    It is still a process but the answer helped me to reframe the issue and get my sense of agency and creative freedom back.

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    I tend to receive this hexagram unchanging whenever I seem to be acting in a way (i.e. feeling doubt, fear and other guises of resistance) which leads me to veer from my path some. The I Ching loves to give me #24 as if to say: "You are faltering--GET BACK ON THE PATH AND STAY ON IT!" The last time I had received it (and again in its unchanging form), I'd asked: "What can I do to please Higher Self the most?" This is one of a group of hexagrams I get especially often. I sometimes get it with moving lines, but more often without them.

    I find it to be an exceptional hexagram in relation to my own particular journey. I also find it to be a most pertinent one due to the specific symbolism involved. It encourages me to keep on going--even if that can be an unbelievably difficult, daunting, painful and uncertain thing to do at times. Candidly-speaking, I love #24 (a lot). In returning to--and following our path--we ultimately return to--and follow our Self. Thus, we ultimately 'come home' in the truest and most profound sense. I cannot think of anything more beautiful.

    I must admit that at this stage, I am beginning to feel like a bit of a, "Returning" connoisseur because I've gotten it so much. I almost see it as my 'totem hexagram'!

    P.S. My name is Star by the way. I just joined. It is lovely to meet you all. Blessings!
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    I am going through a spate of UC hexagrams =
    2 is popping up all over the place so is 24.
    The questions are not the same - indeed they are completely diverse, and yet I am obtaining hexagram 24.

    Just now, what should I do this week should I just stay where I am and not rush off for something........
    This is now the 3rd hex 24UC...

    I need to return to what pleases me - not what I think I should be doing?

    This does not make it any easier to decide actually as I am pulled by factors to stay (yoga, swimming, doing some dance teaching) or going (seeing my daughter play, having my hair cut and perhaps working for more money)

    The posting by lover of knowledge above was terribly useful..

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    24 unchanging? i got it many times in my stubborn times
    for me it means a recurring situ.. that will begin and finish where it started.. and only I can avoid the recurring of 24 once again.. how? by learning the lesson and getting rid of wrong ideas, ideals, persons, and so on..
    related to a question contemplating other people? for me it means that the person will return to me, but i know the advice, if I want to change the kind of relation i have to do it right at the beginning/return, if I miss the time i will have to wait and undergo the situ as well known before to can do something to change it.

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    Looking back over a few 24uc in my journal, and reading all the comments here - for me it seems to mean 'you're going around in circles...'

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    24 unchanging for me has many times indicated somebody returning from a trip.

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    Another 24 unchanging:

    I was thinking of removing a couple of instant messaging apps from my phone. I've only used them for talking to people I was working on a project with, but now the project's done and I want to take a break from communications and save space on my phone. The 24uc got me thinking this is a cyclical thing, this is only a rest period, and I should make space for the coming and going of friends. If I delete the apps now, I would probably reinstall them in the near future.

    "The kings closed the passes... Merchants did not go about... Rulers did not travel..."
    Turn off mobile data or wifi? No way. Well, I did the next best thing to deleting the apps -- I simply disabled them, making sure they didn't start at power on nor continue running in the background to accept incoming messages anytime.

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