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Thread: Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 56

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    butterfly spider Guest


    Just an additional story about 56. I got it a few years ago when I was on the edge of a group - and the motion that I was in a cliff edge lighting fires made me realise that my position was a bit precarious

    I am not living where I should be - its all a bit surreal and I needed some money for my sons school trip. I asked some if the mummies if they would like to come and have a rummage - I have some nice bits and pieces - bags designer and vintage stuff. Some came round this morning - I made cakes got tea coffee and most things were prices at £3-£10. These people are not hard up for a penny and were here for ages. I had hoped to raise at least £30.

    One lady bought a paper weight for £1.

    I wanted £5 For a Todds brand new navy bag - but one mum said it had a small mark

    I made a loss really as I spent money on the refreshments

    I asked the IC about how this was - why did it not work
    I got 56 uc.

    As Trojina said - this wasn't exactly an important thing just irritating and annoying really. They knew it was for raising money. I would have bought something - I had a bargain 50p box too

    I don't think I belong in this set - and I felt very uncomfortable this morning - almost like crying...

    But, It's not the end of the world..

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    No, not the end of the world. After all the traveller is on her way somewhere so her eye is on her quest more than the gains and losses on the way.

    I was speaking with someone who travels extensively, for the sake of travel, and he was saying there always are, in long periods of travel, times where you'd be pretty low. You'd be in a strange place, you might be ill, it might be cold and inhospitable...but you know that's just part of the journey and the next day something will lift your spirits and you'll keep moving on.

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    Re-reading your question Butterfly Spider, "Why didn't it work?"
    I see 56 as saying it didn't work because the Moms who came didn't feel any connection to you. They were just Wandering Through.
    In America we call someone like this a "Lookie-Lu," someone who likes to go to shops and yard sales but just wants to look.

    This makes me think you needed to have done something to strengthen your personal connection with them, like calling them individually the night before or having a big poster saying, "Thank you for Helping My Son Raise Money for The Class Trip" But maybe not. No change lines in 56 = nothing would have changed them!

    Next time ask - before hand -, "What can I do to make this work???"

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    butterfly spider Guest


    I was thinking last night that I should do something to say thank you - I think that I have a way of blustering along and then wafting off again. I also think that perhaps they didn't realise so much why I needed the sale -
    Their financial position is a million miles away from mine. They were asking if I wanted to go to the school ball - £100 tickets (plus drinks). Don't be silly...
    So yes you are right -

    Yesterday I asked some lovely ladies at yoga if they wanted to come round - I have a connection with them. Also a lady who walks her dog with mine. They came and thought my place was like heaven - and they spent some money too - I made £35. I don't really know them but perhaps am more connected somehow.

    You are a so clever to have picked up on this...


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    Quote Originally Posted by anemos View Post
    I have associate 56 with the concept of outliers in statistics, those observations that are outside the "normal" situation. My Stats teacher used to say us not to disregard them and don't get upset for ruining our models... usually they have something important to tell us.

    Just now noticed this, Anemos - I love this comparison. Why 56, though, and not 38? I could see 38 as divergence from the mean. 56 could mean something going its own way, though, leaving the beaten path - is that how you meant it? Either way, thank you for noticing this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisa View Post
    Just now noticed this, Anemos - I love this comparison. Why 56, though, and not 38? I could see 38 as divergence from the mean. 56 could mean something going its own way, though, leaving the beaten path - is that how you meant it? Either way, thank you for noticing this!

    Hi lisa,
    yes, I can see hex 38 too in that analogy.

    Leaving the beaten path is one of the many explanations of 56. other times it's just life, where you have to leave or forced to leave home and find nourishment elsewhere. Like are ancestors that had to travel to find food and selter when their current one couldn't provide them. The path our fire makes to sustain life.

    During my recent sojourn had the chance to meet discuss and spend time with expats. The chats we had echoed every word of hex 56. Those people know that they will probably stay 3-5 years in that country and then their new home will be the place the company their work asked them to go. In every story there was an interesting mix of been a temp yet fully engaged in the life of that country.

    A friend asked me if I missed home. I said , no, but what I found interesting was that been away from home makes you ask your self what "home" is. I told them that I was there, in that country, physically, but my mind was elsewhere, in another spot on the globe. LIterally or figuratively, a spot in the globe or a state of being, there was that feeling of nostos not really for my home land, but about the idea of "home"

    One thing the school their children go try to teach them is that temporariness and how to make home this foreign place, or... the fact that one way or another we are all sojourners , by choice or curmumstances.

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    My daily reading was 56uc.

    The day started with an unexpected return of my grandma from her summer home.

    Then I had to go to the bank to close my 90 days deposit and just walked on foot for an hour to another bank to make a deposit for 3 months.

    Also I was looking for a food item that my grandma wanted, so I've visited 6 shops along the way, comparing prices and had to revisit one of them which had the best price only to find out that they can't accept credit cards because of a technical problem that was going on only for half an hour.

    Two of the shops didn't have the item.
    After that I just continued walking to my favourite sunset watching spot, just in time when seemingly clouded sky has cleared up and I was able to enjoy the sunset for 55 minutes. (You can look at the sun without any protection during first and last hours of the light day).

    Total travelling time: 6 hours ( including half an hour in first bank, 10 minutes in other one, 55m sunset).
    Distance: 6-8 miles.

    I'll go for another walk tomorrow, to buy that item but I will take some cash with me to be sure

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    Also I was looking for a food item that my grandma wanted, so I've visited 6 shops along the way, comparing prices
    You are a very good grandson !

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    I was driving a friend around helping him to buy a carpet for a small bedroom in his new house. The bedroom would be for guests. He was in a bit of a hurry because he was trying to buy carpets, tiles and so on, so that his builder had the materials to work with while he, my friend, was away travelling.

    So there was a certain pressure on. I saw a carpet I thought was okay for the room and he agreed only the salesman said they didn't have enough of it. So we then chose a similar carpet. He did the calculations etc but was undecided. It was a fairly plain carpet. I was waiting in the car and he came out and said he couldn't decide. I said I'd ask Yi on my phone. I asked 'is this carpet a good one for M to buy right now ?' Got 56uc. That made me ask him about how he felt about it. Was he choosing the carpet ;

    a. because he wanted to make a really beautiful room, his pride and joy....


    b. was it something he just needed to get over and done, not spend too much time on....because he spends a lot of time travelling and just needs the room to be functional and presentable enough to accommodate guests ?

    He replied 'b' was the case.

    The answer applied on so many levels. The main message we took is that the traveller doesn't draw out legal proceedings, he doesn't make a hoo haa about decisions as he needs to move on quickly.

    So he thought he would likely get the carpet but we left it while we went off to get tiles and other things. He might go and get the carpet soon...but the main thing is we didn't spend any more time on it and quickly went off to get other more urgent materials.

    Also the 56uc is apt in that the carpet was for a guest room and that he is an avid traveller. This wasn't an occasion to stand staring at various carpet options for long periods whilst inwardly debating the merits of each (legal proceedings) but a time to make quick necessary choices with an eye on the main goal which is to move onwards..

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    Hello Trojina,

    This story reminds me of a similar reading that puzzled me for a long time:

    The new sofa for the living room came in two versions. I couldnt decide:
    - Shall I buy the small one/ what if I buy the small one? 23.4.
    - What if the bigger one? 56uc.

    Bought the bigger one because of 23.4. Size and form turned out good, but not the colour (only a very limited range was available). No decoration, no throw or cushion would make it blend in with the already existing surroundings. Though it had a neutral colour it would not 'connect' and kept standing out, just like a sojourning stranger would. I thought: if this is 56uc then i'd better stop my useless attempts to pull this room together and take an unemotional approach and move on to other things.

    A few years later I swapped rooms and put on a new cover (the 'my pride and joy' version). Since this moving (!) it has been used as a guest (!) bed occasionally, because it is big enough (!) to have a good night's sleep on it. For a while I kept wondering, if my initial interpretation was wrong and stretching things too far .... otoh 56uc was yi's only way to say '56 zhi 56'.

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