Wow thank you all for the replies. I didn't expect this change to be this "exciting"

I wouldn't consider myself to be nice to a fault, although people do find themselves that they have to mention it to me, on their own accord.
I guess I wouldn't know which perspective to consider this nice. My own or others.

Based on what I have read so far, my understanding is that there would a 2 extremes to be expected?
An extreme good and an extreme bad occurring rather close together?

I would quotes for easier who I'm referring to, but it's not that easy to type on the phone.

If it's the first scenario, I guess thats not too bad.

If it's the 2nd, omg in that case I'd probably got get into a relationship then... That's just preparing a train wreck

If it's the 3rd, hmm it might not be likely, since my original question was based on being in a relationship. Although it's plausible that I could be exploited, although I most definitely will do my best not to get involved in this kind of relationship, but I do not reject the idea I might be to blinded while I'm in it

If it's the 4th, that sounds like a terrible trade... The only loss I can have right now should be death, considering I don't have much to begin with. I highly doubt I would have any interest in much if it's anything this severe. Also if I reacted as such it would make this reading rather irrelevant.

Update from my present situation.
My class is getting more social overall. I can generally talk to those that put in at least some effort in the lesson.
That's pretty much it as of the end of this month.