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Thread: Using two divination systems to cross-check. Anyone else have experience trying this?

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    I usually prefer to use just I Ching, but as I experimented with tarot last year, I did few cross-check readings and interestingly received consistent answers with 2 changing lines, where the image, lines and following hex would align in symbolism and meaning with cards in the spread. followed by drawing more cards I would generally get a broader and deeper interpretation of either main or resulting hexagram.

    don't have much knowledge or understanding of astrology, was interested in numerology for a while, but not sure how these systems could be compatible with I Ching, as I don't see them as divination methods per se. on the other hand, I imagine that divination systems like I Ching or tarot can be used to deepen astrological or numerological insight by asking additional questions about certain path or specific situation from the horoscope.

    generally, I'd think that anyone investing extra time and turning their full attention inwards to analyse the reading, if it's just by contemplating, strict meditation or experimenting with more than one system or divination reference, has a better chance of gaining insight and tuning into the universal interconnections that keep this forum alive

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroPoint View Post
    The one time I was desperate to locate something (Where is my cell phone?) astrology didn't clue me in on the places to look, or I didn't understand it. Yi gave me Not Knowing uc, which perfectly described me (and my panic).
    Did you ever find your phone?

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