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Thread: "Aha!!" Answers - little chat, just post your favourite or encouraging results

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    Default "Aha!!" Answers - little chat, just post your favourite or encouraging results

    Everyone knows those moments, you have a situation that is highly specific, you enquire to the Oracle about it and receive an answer so obviously fitting that you experience renewed enthusiasm or trust in the I Ching.

    Here is a thread, less about asking others for interpretation and more about sharing those moments of clarity. So fitting considering the name of this site

    So please, keep the rythm going. Just briefly explain the background behind your question and the answer that you got from the I Ching that made you say, "Aha! So fitting..I get it!"

    I'll start.

    I met a man a divorcée and we have a nice connection but are both weary. We have both had our heart broken in the previous year.

    He was persuing me and I was weary and then all of the sudden he said, "I'm afraid of this, you are the first serious woman I have met since my divorce and the implications scare me, I need to be free right now but still want to keep seeing you and often. I'm crazy about you but scared too."

    We had to discuss how we both feel about that and I told him "oh I feel the same way, that's why I kept telling you to slow down".

    Nevertheless it took me by surprise because up until that moment he was an assertive, daily persuer.

    I asked the I Ching:

    What was all that about this morning?

    It answered:

    Hex 12 Standstill changing line 5 / Related Hexagram 35 Progress
    Nine in the fifth place means:

    Standstill is giving way.
    Good fortune for the great man.
    "What if it should fail, what if it should fail?"
    In this way he ties it to a cluster of mulberry shoots.


    My reservations are based on not having purged myself of the passionate, unfruitful relationship with a married man. His reservations are based on the hurt and trauma that ensued after his marriage failed.

    I just love it when I feel that the I Ching is for real..when I just know deep down that it's talking to me.

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    mine is just kind of a coincidence. I signed up for seminar at my university, but by sat morn felt rather lazy about going. wnted to sleep

    asked Yi it was wise for me to go...37.5.."the king is in his castle" I didnt see it as advice to stay home, but rather Good omen for being with my family (of colleagues), and possibly a meeting with my faculty mentor....... he has a high position in the department) . So I went off and was delighted with the forum, panel discussion/information......the first workshop I went to was on treating eating disorders and the speaker was renowned author and expert in the field. I loved his talk, his unique approach to the issue, all greatly inspiring with very worthwhle info. .as a famous authority on eating disorders, he is "king" in this realm indeed ...very helpful to me as a professional and the highlight of the day for me, so I felt the YI was right on about advising me to go, and had even told me why to go.

    but then my second workrshop was on domestic violence....iwouldnt have chosen this , but it turned out to be quite informative and interesting. The speaker was talking about the battering husband and his typical arrogance...twice she remarked that this kind of battering man feels that he is the king in his castle, and as the king of his castle, he feels entitled to exert his authority, and so on.
    I just had to smile at the words being re-emphasized verbatim. AHA, ok, I get it...thank you for encouraging me out of my warm bed on a cold morning so I didnt miss this. you rule.

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    That ties in interestingly with something I've noticed with 37.5 : more to do with autonomy than affection, on the whole, or at least the affection is conditional on the autonomy. So maybe this talk showed the potential dark side of the line. Anyway... seems to fit with this page.

    About 'Aha' readings... lots to choose from . Often the biggest 'aha' is having a reading for the day or the situation, and then hearing someone involved put it into words. Like receiving 29 and hearing, 'I feel as if I'm going down a long, dark tunnel...'

    Just the other day, there was one between 'Aha!' and 'Uhuh?' Background: experiencing winter blues, just about managing to keep up with existing obligations but inclined to let my plans for moving forward go quietly by the wayside until Spring. Let me just check that with Yi before I crawl back under the duvet...

    What's the best approach to take to these big plans and ambitious targets I have for the winter months?

    42, unchanging.

    Ah - huh?

    The plans are duly increasing - and being trimmed of excess in the marketing area that turns out to be unnecessary - and feeling like less of a chore and more of a blessing. The duvet will have to wait.

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    Pakua suggested I 'sticky' this thread so it'll stay visible, and we can add to it whenever those readings happen. Good idea.

    Last week we went up to the British Museum, and I gazed long and hard at assorted ancient jade ornaments and bronze vessels - the ladle for libations, the wine-cup, and lots of ding making their presence felt.

    On the way home that night, we had half an hour to wait on a deserted local station, and I got to thinking what I should be taking away from the encounter. I asked what I should gain or learn from seeing the ding, and sat on the platform to cast coins.

    Primary hexagram - 50.


    (Oh, and changing line 4 - not so lovely. Much thinking and divining followed about how to make my own ding a little more stable and mess up less.)

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    My wife and I were looking for a new house in 2005. We heard of a new one that had just been built by a local builder less than one month prior. We booked an appointment and got a walk-through with an agent.

    Everything was great, until I went to the basement, where already there had developed several huge cracks in the foundation! The agent dismissed these. Surprised by this, I did an on-the-spot divination about the house, and got:

    48 the Well, changing to 29 pure Water! The main attribute of a Well being to let water seep in through the bottom, as well as the final hexagram were a major Aha! I immediately told my wife, who also values the I Ching, and she dropped all interest in the house. We left.

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    I think everyone here's probably already heard me tell this story about 25 times, but never mind. Back when I was just discovering the Yi, we were house-hunting too.

    Somehow we ended up almost buying one that was miles from our families, about half as expensive again as we'd originally planned, and in urgent need of work. It was a bungalow with a beautiful big roof conversion with lots of open, well-lit space.

    Yi's comment on the house began with hexagram 28. (Sorry, I don't remember if there was more to the reading than that.) Since we were headed into 'greatly exceeding' our budget, time constraints, family ties and energy, that made some sense in itself.

    Then we had the survey done, and the surveyor pointed out that the huge beam the previous owners had sawn out for the loft conversion (and left lying in the long grass beside the house) had actually been quite structurally important.

    At the time, my attitude to Yi was somewhere on the threshold between
    'Gosh, what an interesting random stimulus!'
    'Erm... I think this book's talking to me...'
    This reading definitely helped nudge me across.

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    This was my first contact with a Yilin verse:

    Q: Why does my (sterilised and 16yrs old) cat suddenly walk around and cries heartbreakingly? Is it in pain? A: 61 -42.
    This was a good sign, but still an unsatisfying answer. The vet explained, that old animals can become senile, just like humans. A few days later a medium told me: the cat seeks company. I thought, this was wrong, since it always used to be a loner. A few weeks later I came across Yilin's verse for 61-42 on the Heboyers' site:

    Being for a long-time without spouse
    One starts to think one deserves a very special woman
    Seeking one against hope(expectation)
    One is oneself the cause of living alone.
    (Tr. Pedro, Lise)


    I want to express my gratitude to all, who work on transliating the YiLin and make it public. Thank You so much. Unfortunately I do not know Chinese myself. The project seems to be stuck, which is a pitty. The Yilin contains valuable information.

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    Default hello all


    A few months ago, I sent a friend a birthday card. And I asked the Yi what will be the situation between X and I after sending that card? (We are in contact from time to time and I'm interested in him)

    I received 58.1 > 47.

    58.1 --Harmonious opening, the way is open.
    This is an opportunity for harmony to develop. The way is open to you.

    47. Exhaustion...

    He thanked and answered me . He said he was quite busy but during the weekend he would write me and talk what's happening in his life and so on...I'm still waiting for that email...it was 6 months ago. Yes I'm exhausted I'm exhausted waiting for him, I'm exhausted he takes our friendship for granted.

    At first I didn't understand why the way was so open and then.....exhaustion. Now I do



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    Ouch... right... . Another take on 58.1's connection with 47 is that truly harmonious communication depends on total self-sufficiency and self-reliance in isolation - being sustained by deep roots when you can't reach out.
    WikiWing additions just this month: new example readings for 64.2, 7.4, 49.4, 12.4, 30.3...
    If you don't already have access, join here!

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    Thank you Hilary.


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