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Thread: "Aha!!" Answers - little chat, just post your favourite or encouraging results

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    A pretty horrible reading, but it was definitely accurate, as well as giving me advance insight into the situation. My cat has cancer and I was waiting on the CT scan results to see if they could operate and remote the tumour, which is the only way to save her. I did a reading and got 11.6. The results showed the tumour is inoperable. There's no point in aggressive action (i.e. surgery), because the situation is beyond repair.

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    My understanding of 19 is that you are feeling relaxed and comfortable about a situation and as a result your level of efforts goes down resulting in a delay or situation of no result.

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    That's a really great contribution

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    Default What happens when you don't connect your reading to your question.

    A process "aha," not a hexagram or line "aha."

    Moral of the story: remember your question when interpreting your answer.

    What happened:
    Earlier this month I bought a new memory card for my camera. I vaguely wondered at the time if it should be formatted, but I didn't immediately see instructions in the manual (I didn't look very hard), and when I put the card in the camera it seemed to work perfectly, so I thought there was no need to bother.

    Today I second-guessed that decision (as I do). I found the instructions for formatting the card, and information on the internet that says it's probably not necessary, but it won't hurt, and might help, since it formats the memory card specifically for the particular camera.

    I made sure all the images from the new memory card were backed up on my laptop, and then I formatted the card.

    Then I wanted to transfer the images back onto the card. I thought I knew how to do this, but I was wrong. I had to spend a fair amount of time Googling, and then it turned out the camera software doesn't support shift-click selecting, so the images had to be transferred one. at. a. time. Urgh. Also, while the original date stamps were preserved, the original image numbers were not. So now there's a big gap in the continuous image numbering, and confusing duplicates on my hard drive, and I had to take more time to make notes about it.

    The reading:
    I have important things to do today, so when I started second-guessing about the formatting, I wanted to know how important it was. I didn't want to waste time, but I also don't want future problems with the camera. I asked Yi, "Guidance re: taking time now to format the memory card?" Yi answered with 23.3 > 52, Stripping Away > Stilling.

    'Stripping away. No mistake.'

    I could see this either way:
    • "Stripping away" means "strip this idea out of your head." Don't do it. Stilling means stilling - let things as they are, don't become derailed from my plans.
    • But formatting is also stripping away, and it says, "no mistake," and "stilling" might mean it will keep the memory card's file system "stable." So - yes, I should do it?

    How to know which??

    Well...in hindsight...what was my question? "Guidance re: taking time to...?" My question was NOT, "Guidance re: formatting the camera?"

    So, reading the answer as an answer (as Hilary has possibly mentioned once or twice or a hundred times ), "The guidance about taking time to do this is "best to strip away that idea and the time it takes." The question was not about the camera, so neither was the answer.

    (Also, the fan yao, 52.3, is this: "Stilling your waist, Dividing your back, Danger smothers the heart." That is a good description of how I "related" to it: I ended up fighting the process and myself every step of the way, and smothering the good intentions I had for the day.)

    (Also, I wonder if Yi might have been purposely making a point. I have these kinds of problems with readings a lot, and maybe some of them could be solved like this...)

    [Added] Aaand then when I tried to pick up the camera and connecting cable from the sofa to put them away, my thumb snagged in the wrist strap and the camera fell on the floor. more 52.3-ish danger, poisonous smoke, and clumsy awkwardness. (The camera seems to have survived the tumble.)
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    I know this is a super old thread, but so fun how it keeps going. I just wanted to share one of my more meaningful memories/experiences with the IChing.

    Several years ago I asked a question about my mother who had recently passed away and received hexagram 28.

    This is a funny one.. partly because now when I see hexagram 28 I don't necessarily get the same meaning. But at the time it had immense meaning for me, so much that I cried and felt deeply comforted.

    My concern at the time had been the fact that my mother had recently passed, and I felt like I didn't "feel" her around. That is, most of my relatives, upon passing seemed to constantly chatter around me or make their presence known in some way. I didn't feel my mother at all. It felt as though she had just gone. I was worried, because there is a long history of religious extremism in my family and hence some odd ideas associated with my mother and her soul. It's a long complicated story, but she was a very sick women on multiple levels towards the end. And her behavior was deeply affected by these illnesses that made her appear in a way "evil" or something. Add my evangelical step-father to the mix, and my super christian upbringing and you get– me with a creepy nagging feeling that maybe her soul had gone somewhere awful or never existed to begin with

    Anyway, I was crying and upset and thinking of her and talking to the IChing, and I asked "Where is she now?" and received hex 28.

    I believe the very first interpretation I read was Lise's:

    "Across the Great Pass"

    " Life is a cycle, it is circular. It begins, it grows, and it goes down again. To make life a straight road to a distant future is a desperate attempt of human mind to make it never-ending. It will not help him – inevitably he will go down some day.
    But if man accepts going down as a substantial, important and good part of life, not as a decline but as a indispensable phase, then he makes his living days twice as many.
    Do not live as an old man or an old woman, live as a grand old man, a grand old lady. Without regret or fear, but with the riches of wisdom and experience.
    This applies to everything, to enterprises, feelings, popularity. In everything all phases are important."

    This was so immensely meaningful and comforting to me at the time. My general take away was that she had crossed over the pass into another life or dimension and not to fret, because endings are just part of life and the grand scheme of things.

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    A few months after my father died, a beautiful reading for a client about a deceased loved one inspired me to 'ask after' him and how he was. I received Hexagram 62 - Across the Small Pass. Dad was a quiet, unassuming man, and I got the immediate sense that this was how he described his experience - crossing over in a small way, small bird flying into great good fortune.

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    Default My first mini Aha with I-Ching: Lady Bug Question

    Hello All, I am two-weeks old to this online community, so bear with me, I have many mini Ahas with I-Ching and I would like to share a "cute reading" about one of my totem animals, The Lady Bug. I have noticed that I see lady bugs when my desires are about to manifest, they are my totem animal for "fulfillment"; two days ago I started seeing them online again, it is a hint for me that something good is about to manifest in my life. So I asked Yi the question: "What is the lady bug about?" I got Hex 4 1.3.6. to Hex 11. I am still learning how to read "lines" (1.3.6), but my impression at the time was Yi said I don't have to know what is manifesting, yet. Two days later, I FELT Hexagram 11: I am applying to fashion school this summer, the application process is going smoothly and I FELT the support coming from every direction to help me transition into the fashion industry. Thanks everyone, I am a happy spring lady bug : - )

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