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Thread: The Luo Shu - the language of numbers

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavazca View Post
    Hello mi name is Romina and i live in Uruguay. Sorry! my english is horrible! I am maths teacher. I am studyin the King Wen sequence. I know that there is an extensive work that made R.S. Cook but my observations are about the simmetry and sums. I would like to discuss with someone interesting in this work. Thanks. Romina.
    P.D. Si contestan en español mejor!!! Gracias.
    Hi, Romina:
    Welcome to the forum.

    I´m not too much concerned with Wen Wang sequence but time ago was interested in getting empirical arrays known as necklaces or rings, following the model of De Bruijn sequences about wich I was said there are no proofs in surviving literature but I believe there are some issues about it existence.

    There are some threads in this forum and in abrahadabra. I will look for it and post.



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    Quote Originally Posted by lavazca View Post
    Gracias por su respuesta. Me alegro de encontrar uruguayos por acá. Tal vez no me expresé bien pero mi idea no es discutir el trabajo de Cook, sino discutir un trabajo que yo elaboré sobre la disposición de hexagramas del Rey Wen. En el trabajo que he elaborado he realizado observaciones sobre simetría y sumas que me han sorprendido muchísimo. Quería saber si en esta comunidad hay alguien interesado en discutir eso. He visitado la página de la sociedad argentina de i ching y fue a partir de un artículo de Raúl Jurovietzky que comencé a realizar el trabajo. También me he comunicado con él y le he mandado el trabajo, estoy esperando su respuesta. Pero tal vez encontraba por aquí a otras personas interesadas en esto. Gracias nuevamente. Saludos. Romina.
    Hi Romina,

    I'll switch to English so the other friends here can follow the conversation. If you'd like to discuss this in Spanish, please subscribe to my "Foro Yijing". It doesn't have the traffic Clarity has but, after the demise of the E-Ching forum, IMO, it is the only serious Yixue forum in Spanish out there.

    Now, I'm glad you are in contact with Raúl. He's a great guy and very knowledgeable. Together, we translated to Spanish Richard Cook's book abstract for his site. I have promised Raúl to contribute some more articles in Spanish but I haven't had the time to do so. There's one of my articles in Saiching though, Yi Jing y el Budismo en el Japón de la Era Tokugawa, but that was back in 2007.

    Would you please share your work with us? I am interested in discussing it, of course.


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