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hex 41

  1. Y

    new career possibility changing to 41

    I have been struggling with the idea of going back to school - where and what kind of program. Complicating matters is the care of my aging parents and my not so young age. One possibility is stay local and go to nursing school - a profession that suits me as it is caring for others. The...
  2. Y

    let go? 41 uc

    I have been spending much time and energy in the decision to return to school to finally complete a PhD at age 59. I'd be 60 when I started the program so many of the schools and programs I have contacted have thanked me for reaching out while delicately/politiccally correctly discouraging me...
  3. F

    Starting PhD- do I have what it takes? 61.5 to 41

    Hello to all, I am about to start a PhD at a legendary university where the competition and standards are cutthroat. I want to be confident but am feeling nervous, so asked the Yi if I really have what it takes to succeed at this. Pulled 61.5 to 41. The line reading in 61 feels encouraging...
  4. S


    Hi all, I have been seeing this man who recently came out of a long term relationship. It hasn't been easy for him coping with the break up, but we started our fling thinking it would be just that, considering that I have also recently ended a relationship. I am however getting more involved...

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