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Oct 23, 2011
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Hi all,

This is a question with regards to a love interest of mine and I would really appreciate any insights you have as I'm a little dumbfounded and I would like closure.

The situation:
I met this guy through a dating app (we both past our mid 20s), he turned out to live very close by and we texted for 3/4 weeks before we finally went on a date. The date was lovely and we really hit it off, we even made out and I could really tell he was also into me (I am not naive in this sense). Because of a temporary work project he lives in another country during the week and in the weekends he is back home. After this date we kept in touch every day but it didn't come to a second date. I proposed it, he responded positively but couldn't make it due to other appointments with friends and family in the weekends (he as a very rich social life). I lost interest a bit as he didn't propose a new date and started only talking about himself and the things he experienced so I didn't really respond to a text message of his. He started showing a little more effort in terms of texting. Hereafter I would engage again in a fun way so we texted for a bit again and now there is radio silence, which already lasts for more than a week, with me being the last person to have texted. Before this we talked to one another on a daily basis.

I really don't understand why he lost interest. So I asked: Why did he decide to not show any interest anymore? The hexagram I got was 37 lines 3 and 6. Changing to hex 3.

What could this possibly mean?

Two days ago I also asked Why he stopped texting me. I got 64, line 4 changing to hex 4.

Both are not that negative in my opinion. Would anybody be so kind to shed a little light on this for me so I can stop questioning this situation and move on.

Thank so much!


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Jun 3, 2006
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Hexagram 36.3.6.

If you write out the whole word "Hexagram" rather than just the abbreviation the computer will bring up wikiwing and a wealth of information about your post. (wikiwing costs $1 a month).

36. Darkening of the light - 27. The corners of the mouth.

I could see this as meaning Stop - Talking. So it would seem the hexagrams are giving you a picture of what happened, that is he has stopped communicating. Maybe because he doesn't feel he has anything more to say. Perhaps the lines give a clue as to why. Both lines 3 and 6 seem to describe something that had gone too far too fast. Perhaps even though you both enjoyed your first date, the enthusiasm of the moment implied there was more potential for a future than was actually there. Line 6 particularly suggests something flaring up but then burning itself out. I also wonder if possibly he burned out on writing emails. I have a friend and we used to write every day. Now we email about once a week. I know she'd like me to write more often and I don't love her any less but..I just don't feel like writing. Also, although he probably didn't realize it, the frequent writing was probably motivated in large part by curiosity and once you met all the "questions" were answered so now if the relationship and the writing is to continue he would have to shift gears from being merely curious to actually caring. If he already has, as you say, a rich social life, he may not have the need or time for another full bodied friendship. Perhaps your connection worked on the level of flirty emails but not as a full on three dimensional romance.
Don't beat yourself up about it.
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