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  1. M

    Will he come back? 11.1.5 to 48. was a Right love at the wrong time

    Hello I am trying to move on but I keep dreaming of the person, unable to shake the strong feeling that he is also feeling the same way or visiting me in my dreams. Trying to understand what it all means as he asked before that we don’t talk anymore. But he is in my head all the time, seemingly...
  2. D

    Why is there no man in the horizon for me at the moment? 1.2.5 > 30

    I haven't had so much luck in my love life. I broke up with my boyfriend a year ago and suffered a lot from it... because I really wanted it to work out. In fact, after all this time, there is a part of me that still wants to be with him. On the other hand, I am moving on and been dating a few...
  3. V

    Not seriously dating until 30s 22.4.6>55

    Through a series of events in the past year and some months, I've been dealing with issues revolving romance where I'm seeking too much from the outside and not letting myself grow under the circumstances of walking through life alone. Recently broke up with ex and I'm thinking of not seriously...
  4. A

    32.1.2 > 55 Could she be the right fit for me when the time is right?

    Hello, It’s the first time I post on this forum. I am a non native english speaker, I’m sorry if my english is poor… I asked IC about a girl I met 2 years ago. I had never experienced such feelings. Since Covid-19, I couldn’t meet her again. I consider this person as my soul mate. It’s a...
  5. K

    63.3 to 3 for moving - out of state, or not?

    hi, first time posting although i read the forums quite regularly! i currently feel stuck in the middle of many big decisions that the pandemic put on hold, the biggest being moving. my partner and i live in her childhood home with her father, rent-free. i moved in on the grounds this was a...
  6. M

    55.5 - 49 How can I know when I am ready to talk to him?

    Hi, I am asking about a long-distance relationship that had become very enmeshed. We were both aware we needed to step back without actually wanting it to end. I find myself gaining confidence while we don't talk, then I have something to share and I share it, and it's lovely, and then I tip...
  7. M

    How can I find out if he loves me? 42:1.6 - 8

    Hello, I've found these forum posts really helpful as I've been learning about the I Ching. The oracle has been a great teacher while I've been in this confusing and challenging relationship, with someone I hope will be my life partner but I don't doubt that we have many obstacles to overcome...
  8. W > 14 "where is this connection heading?"

    So here I am again... following up on my love life hahaha... I've kind of fallen down the rabbit hole with this guy - after seeing him again yesterday.... I am feeling something strongly for him which is more than just chemistry. The passion and connection is amazing. (as I mentioned in my...
  9. T

    understanding a reading

    HiI have only been learning I-ching 1 day, my question was regarding a man I've been seeing since Nov last year and I'm constantly getting mixed messages from him, his actions when we're together seem to say he has deeper feelings for me and he has also said he does, but when were apart he acts...
  10. V

    Amazing answer! how to move in relationship

    Hi everyone :) is my first post, and for sure my English isn't so correct...be patient!:Dit's a long love story, full of misunderstanding and fears, love and laughs. But at the end from February we made some steps back. Now the situation is going like a hiccup, going trough 12, 16, 33, 44, 53...
  11. L

    When will I meet the man I will marry? Hex 61

    Hi everyone, I'm completely new to the I Ching so I hope I've done this properly. My entire life, my intuition has been telling me that I will experience love in its truest, deepest form once I begin to walk the path of self-actualization in the highest sense. I've always envisioned this as...
  12. H

    Does he love me? Will he make me happy? 61.1 to 59 - is it good?

    Dear all! Ask for your help and support.1. SITUATION. Long and distant relationship with a man. Very strong emotional connection (at the beginning - hex 55 unchang.). I am married and stay with husband for the sake of son. At last I and that man decided that I will divorce as soon as we meet...
  13. M

    Romance and forgiveness

    Hoping for a new future closeness with my lover of 4 years, can we make it happenHexagram 15, IntegrityKey QuestionsWhat is the simple reality? How might you return to a state of balance? What if it didn't all depend on you?Oracle'Integrity creates success. A noble one completes it.'To...
  14. T

    Romantic Relationship Advice with Multiple Hexagrams

    Hi there, This will be a rather lengthy post. My readings are as follows: 1. What should I know when I do make a choice to leave her? Hexagram 26.2- 222. What should I know when I make a choice to stay in this relationship? Hexagram 623. How to improve this relationship? Hexagram 55.3-...
  15. I

    Did he ever love me 32.1>34

    Hi. Just trying to make peace with someone and setlle for a defined relationship eg friends. Our history is turbulent and it is clear that we like each other and like spending time but somehow we clash when we try to be a couple. I was wondering if he was ever actually in love with me (that's...
  16. L

    What does he feel romantically for me?

    Hello, this is my first time posting here! The person I felt in my heart to be the love of my life is such a difficult commitment phobic that I've started losing faith. He loves me, deeply, I know that, but he seems to not see it (like in the movies). We met about 3 years ago on tinder, when he...
  17. marybluesky

    Progress of my comlicated relationship: to 34+ New Reading

    Hello I met a guy last year & sensed the potential of great connection and attraction between us from the start. I texted him, he showed interest and our relationship -which was intended to be casual at the time- began. After a few months of mixed signals, he admitted that he had a girlfriend...
  18. S

    A little insight..

    I’ve asked for advise in a time of need. I’ve been seeing signs in the form of repeating numbers for quite some time but sometimes things get muddled and I can’t always see what the message is actually trying to tell me. In this case I’m concerned about a relationship potentially holding me...
  19. P

    Will I reconcile with my ex boyfriend? 2.1 to 24

    Hey guys, my ex boyfriend broke up with me recently (May). We had been together for three years but had been facing a lot of up's and downs (we were fighting a lot) in the recent few months. Towards the end my ex got really distant and sometimes just taking stuff for granted etc., after which we...
  20. W

    Hexagram 48 to 19

    Hello, guys, I have previously asked a question about me and my friend whom I fell in love with (valuehttps://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/friends/showthread.php?26273-Hexagram-22-to-27-Relationshipvalue). I have had lots of changes in my life since then. I analyzed all the misunderstandings and so...

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