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very confused , asked about a girl


May 28, 2017
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I dated this girl and we broke up a month ago. It was a very emotional relationship and it really didn't last long because she said she got scared. I still see her around sometimes and I still have feelings so I asked Yi what her feelings are for me ? And I got, and 15 have no idea how to interpret and I'm very new to I Ching please help!!


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Jun 3, 2006
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Hexagram 64. Before Completion. I see this hexagram as referring to the time between having completed one project and before taking on another. Think of hexagram 63, After Completion, leading to 64. as being about how after you complete something there are still details to take care of Before the change is Completed. And then 64. Before Completion meaning you've completed something but that you must completely get over it before Creating a new life (hexagram 1) begins. So 64 can indicate a kind of a limbo place.
In regards to her feelings for you I think you should assume she feels your romance has completed and she hasn't decided yet where her life will go from here. Hexagram 15 also reads like she is comfortable about where things are and not in any emotional turmoil about it.
It is always tricky to try to use the IC to fathom someone else's thoughts. I think it can however tell us what our attitude should be. I see the IC telling you here that for your own sanity you should assume and act as if even though she may not chosen a new boyfriend yet, she is neutral to you now and not looking to reconnect.


Jul 5, 2008
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I see it differently than rosada, so please go ask the girl and come back and tell us what she said! :D (just joking)

what her feelings are for me ? > 15
She hasn't drifted very far from you, she's dragging her 'wheels' (64.2), and feels that a difficult restart might be possible (64.3).
However she feels that it would be a huge struggle to sort out a very serious problem between you (64.4). You say she got scared, this line speaks of the Devil's country, so yes I can see that something scared her.
She feels that even if a difficult restart was made (64.3), and a huge struggle (64.4) succeeded (64.6), the results would still be mediocre (15).

Overall I would say that a) she feels the problems are too serious, and b) she feels it's not worth the struggle. So maybe the solution is that you correct that serious problem (whatever it is *), and make sure you show her you're worth much more than she thinks.

* the problem has something to do with inequality/imbalance. In 64, none of the lines is in its correct position. In 15 someone puts in an effort to augment what's small and reduce what's large - so, again, the idea of striving for balance.

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