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worried! stay as i am going or head back to Uni ??


Jan 16, 2013
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hi everyone!
almost two months ago, i stopped attending university, as i was extremely depressed (probably understatement, too) and i received big clues from cosmos to leave.
i left on a whim
and right now am extremely directionless except for listening to where the universe is taking me (mostly internally)

i have been led to wonder about what i should be doing with my life right Now in this Moment, as i believe i am feeling much better and completely healed. andtoday now i have truly realized that the world does not want me, in terms of work and a job.
basically, i just do not know where this is heading, i have complete faith in where universe is guiding me, but i cannot help but feel a little off that nothing has changed in my external environment. and very little opportunity. parents aren't supportive at all and also have no means of transport, really. aka no car. soo

so i asked what i could expect if i went back to uni in spring and it gave me
Hexagram 56 to 50

and i asked what i could expect if i continued not attending school and it gave me
Hexagram 14 to 30

as it feels like i should stick to not putting myself back into the system.

Wouldvery much appreciate any kind of feedback and advice!
I am very very turned off by school and the system but am getting a little worried about not being able to do much right now.

thank you so much ! :D


Hi Creativelore,

14.2>30 - Whatever your talent is, use it to the best of your ability. Believe in yourself totally for you are heading in the right direction. Under no circumstances listen to anyone else who is not supporting you in this quest. - Liss

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