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Your Experience With Unchanging Castings -- Hexagram 6


Jan 7, 2013
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I agree with trojina's experience: every time I have received 6UC it has been about an internal conflict. I just got it today in response to a mundane question. I had planned to attend a gathering which normally gives me pleasure, but had a lot of work and logistical stress going on, so I was undecided. I asked "what if I don't attend the gathering?" The answer was 6UC. Which probably just reflects back to me how I feel about it. And perhaps advises the solution which feels most balanced and moderate to me at this time. There is no absolute answer, only I can decide. I decided against the extra stress crossing town to attend that get together.
That said, I got 6UC, conflict, not for example 15UC moderation. So I feel like I'm missing something, I don't yet have a real handle on 6UC...


May 22, 2016
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Hello, I drew 6uc today when asking about some preparation for a job interview next week - I wondered whether I was doing too much prep, in the sense that I was overdoing it in some way, as I kept coming up with new ideas to make my interview presentation even better.

Yi: 6uc.

I didn't feel as though I was in conflict, but when I settled down to reflect realised that my mind was in conflict with itself - competing with itself, each idea better than the last one.

I asked for further clarification on how I should approach the situation and drew 46.6>18, then 8.2>29. I took this as, if I push too far I'll ruin the whole thing; I just need to be simple and sincere when I relate to the interview panel...

But yes, for 6uc in this case, very much a mental conflict - which perhaps would also have created an actual conflict with the interview panel had I continued...


Sep 20, 2016
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This really helped my contemplation today. Hexagram 6 isn't merely about being in opposition and conflict - it is about BUILDING the CASE to make a decision about something. It could be an outlying feeling building its case to be heard, and it may be in minority to other feelings that are stronger. When I think of water under heaven, I see empathy working the way it is supposed to. The first ideas I had is that Water always reflects the conditions of the sky. When the heavens are blue and clear, the water is too. When the heavens are cloudy and muddy, so is the water. The difference between the two, however is substantial. I cannot breath under the water, but I can breath in the sky.

Because Hexagram 6 is about litigation, and so early on in the book of changes, it seems to me that this deals with the root of a matter that is tearing you up inside, a question of justice, the very principles of your constitution and WHO YOU ARE. To Be or Not to Be?

I did a few years of law school, and we had some mock trials. This hexagram is the basis of defense. In the next hexagram (7), the judgment and image basically says, hey, you can't go marching off to fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of your happiness without a really good reason - morally justified - for DEFENSE. I just mentioned "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" a quote from the United States Declaration of Independence. That document is a legal document that set forth the principles that justified its revolutionary war against England.

That is hexagram 6. The colonists felt like they were under water, under oppression, could not breath. They fought for freedom, for liberty, to breath free. Unchanging - whatever the situation or query is - I think the oracle is trying to tell us, 'Hey, you are STRESSED OUT about this. It's not HEALTHY. It's not GOOD FOR YOU. If you aren't listening to those feelings that are seeking redress and feeling not listened to, you are setting yourself up to NOT HAVE YOUR Sh*t TOGETHER in Hexagram 7, when you need it the most. Decide right now what it is you stand for, what it is you are defending, do you even have a CASE? If not, then why are you stressing out?" You can't do anything about it, if you haven't decided where YOU stand on an issue.


Feb 29, 2008
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I asked how to increase sales? It was loud and clear I am going to need to fight for it.

Sales can be like a tug of war, send an email, someone then contemplates, you follow up, you may negotiate on price.

I used to be almost frightened when I recieved the reading, nowadays its more "prepare for war"



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Sep 20, 1970
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I was just called to this thread to delete a spam post. It's a nice example of 6 unchanging, complete with hindsight. The gist: he couldn't see anything wrong with the house he planned on buying, and indeed there wasn't - it was just that his wife and son didn't like it at all.
The link's broken, but I think this is the thread:

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