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Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 45



In a particular job I had there was a new manager. She made it quite clear early on that she didn't much like me and dropped hints that she wouldn't renew my contract. At the same time she kept saying that she will create a few new positions.

I asked, "is there any chance she will offer a new position to me?". 45 unchanging.

No, she didn't even suggest it. The way I understand it is that 45 shows a company, a large company, which protects its own interests. Knowing that the company had been making many redundancies in various departments throws more light onto this. So maybe 45 = company policy. As far as I know she didn't in the end create any of those new positions she had talked about.


May 22, 2016
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The way I understand it is that 45 shows a company, a large company, which protects its own interests.

Looking back at all my examples of 45 uc, for me at least it always seems to suggest pulling my ideas together, pulling myself together, getting myself straight about whatever issue I'm asking about. I've had it a lot about articles I've been working on, when I can't get clarity on my ideas or about what I'm saying. It seems to refer to the need to pull myself together and gather my thoughts.

Diamanda, for this manager, maybe it's also that her priority was to pull what she needed around her, to integrate what she needed - and you weren't part of her scenario. But also sounds like perhaps you were best off out of it? Just my take. :)


Jan 7, 2013
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I don't have a clear shorthand meaning for 45UC, but the thread covers a lot of spins on it. I recently had it in response to a question about where, ie in which country, I would be living, going forward. And the response seems to be on two levels:

1) A straight description of my current circumstances rather than a prediction: I am gathering, restructuring my finances and possible living arrangements to have more security. Refurbishing a flat to be able to rent it out more easily in case I need the income in the next few years, refurbishing another antiquated property abroad, in case I need to move into it etc...I am hedging my bets, and that resonates with 45UC: gathering resources to be prepared for adversity. Much like Iamsgirl.

2) The other interpretation seems to be asking me to reflect on which group I want to be a part of, given a choice. I like the Wing commentary which suggests that 45UC is about fitting into a form of group consciousness by abiding by its rituals and practices. I had never thought about it that way, but in my case it makes sense. Which country to I want to live in, if I must observe certain "rituals" or uphold certain values, which ones would I feel more comfortable with? The problem is that both countries are changing and I'm not sure I like what either of them is becoming, lol!

So, 45UC- in this case can be read as a description of what is happening, and/or on another level, as a prompt to reflect on which group I want to be a part of. I'm endlessly fascinated with the multiple levels on which Yi responds...


i've recently had a perplexing dream that i couldn't (and still can't) really make much of - there was no plot and i wasn't looking to do anything in particular within the dream, there was a feeling of relative calmness though, but not even... i just was. if it makes any sense?

so, i found myself in this space, facing the U-shaped sets of shelves, with no idea really what was behind me but it felt like this huge warehouse-like plant store. and the shelves were just filled with teapots. mostly clay, cast iron and porcelain, all kinds of teapots. some shapes i've never seen before, there was one that looked more like a thermos than a teapot, but it was still very much a teapot. i didn't feel pressured to get one but i looked at all of them with quite some interest. nothing really happened and i woke up.

as i did, the first thought i had - what a great idea for a gift! i needed to think of something for a friend's birthday that's coming up and feeling really unprepared already started catching up with me... so the dream brought some relief (i ended up getting something else, though still from a store i visited to actually have a look at some teapots).

but then it got me thinking - what an unusual dream. normally there's some storyline in my dreams, or something more happening at least, emotions coming up, or if it's a place then it's a house of some sort or a workplace (very much modified) or something very outdoorsy, like the mountains or a desert... and this time it was just me and the teapots.

then i realised i had recently thought of a teapot at least twice. first (about few days prior to the dream), i was visiting a friend, she made us tea and i felt that i miss my teapot that broke years ago... and then another time, for some reason i remembered a story my teacher used to remind us of in a certain class ages ago. the story of the teapot is about how people might talk about the very same object, yet looking at it through different filters and from a different perspective, to some it will have a handle and be white, while to others, who might wear pink sunglasses and stand somewhere else, the same teapot will just have a spout and look pink - so in describing the very same thing people might rarely agree... this is what might have triggered the dream, yet the meaning behind it, according to I Ching, is hexagram 45.

funny, how collectedness as well as gathering or the image of lake over earth all fit within the idea of a teapot... and this quote from Bradford Hatcher's especially rings true, when thinking of its function: We’ll want to stay able to hold our waters together, but not so dammed up that we can't come and go.

on the day of the dream i shared it with a colleague and we searched the internet to figure out possible meanings. some favourites that came up - upcoming dinner party (so true, as that's the first thing i thought of when waking up - the birthday party is actually going to be more of a dinner gathering); thirst for new inspiration or diversification / thirst for new energy of some sort within one's social contacts; the need to take care of one's home (the warmth of the "home fire"); and lastly (he didn't want to read this one to me) receiving some bad news (but i find it very interesting in the context of 45 uc)...

i think i can personally relate to all these meanings, especially in my current situation and weirdly, i think most of them are themes that one way or the other got actually mentioned in this thread. especially the last one, relating to bad news or adversity - can be seen as so many different things, but as in Wilhlem's commentary about warding off the unexpected - Human woes usually come as a result of unexpected events against which we are not forearmed. If we are prepared, they can be prevented.

i don't think the above means necessarily we can prevent whatever's coming up, but within ourselves, we can make emotional space to handle some events without them throwing us off course, maybe?


Jan 23, 2018
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Gathering the books, ideas, themes to make a n essay. Putting a lot of effort to finish it in time, finding some support more from loved ones than the one who should have overseen the work. Hmm, i guess alone work.Also, I felt more the meaning as "being prepared for difficulties", because even with little time and things to fix in only a few hours, I gathered the resources I had...


Aug 30, 2019
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Got 45UC when asking about time left for someone who is dying. More specifically it was to do with the children needing to know if their parent was going to pass quickly after a violent short illness - we were given 4 weeks.
I think the 45 UC is a perfect example of gathering as a family to witness together - gathering resources Being there for each other in a unit.

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