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Thread: Time out!

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    rosada Guest


    A congruent thread where we can discuss the story unfolding at "I Ching on the I Ching".

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    bruce Guest


    I was thinking that having a story or theme would give it a consistant track to develop on. Ya know, a subject for the objects. (hopefully not who is zooming whom, who is cheating on whom, or the like!)

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    bruce Guest


    I just asked Yi for advise on it and received 60.2 -3. LiSe's comments on line 2 is interesting as it pertains to this, I think.

    "You have your own rhythm and pitch, but if you never play with others you may find yourself off-tune and not able to join in with songs anymore. Do not take habits and opinions (yours or theirs) for granted, but always stay open for the different and new."

    60 isn't just about reducing, and certainly not about eliminating, but rather finding a place for each thing, idea and person. Not coming out the gate/misfortune I'd interpret as possible lack of participation, resulting in no completion or limited dynamic range and exchange.

    So all you closet story tellers, come on out and play. What?s a little loss of dignity compared to having some fun with the Yi, and probably learning something in the process?

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    rosada Guest


    Ohh, good toss 60!

    I think Matt has given us an indication of plot line by channeling that the dragon is off on a Search for Truth...

    Perhaps it would be useful to write out here some of the prefered translations of the current hexagram.

    Last I checked our Dragon was confronting 3.1:

    You must constantly keep your objective in mind, despite any obstacles you may be encountering. However, you do need the right kind of assistance, and you should seek it with proper respect and humility.
    Listen annd learn, you will find the help you need.
    Hesitation and hindrance.
    It furthers one to remain persevering.
    It furthers one to appoint helpers.

    Okay, anyone feel how to work this into the act?

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    bruce Guest


    Jacob's Ladder comes to mind. It has many mythical and historic references. And it is within Matt's theme. Jacob comes to life only through the identity we lend him.

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    60.2 Too many limits, too many 'rules ' won't work - depending on definition of 'work'. Well it may fall apart anyway, but why do things have to fit ? Reminds me of that party game where each person draws a body part, folds the paper, passes it round, the final picture is absurd, different minds, different drawings.

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    bruce Guest


    Void, I hear ya. Hey, I'm game for whatever is fun or creative.

    I Ching is typically such a heavy subject. Everything serious and important. Status and correct form be damned, I say.

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    bruce Guest


    Interesting to me is the punitive manner in which 4 is typically dealt with. Nowhere but in Wilhelm do I find this approach to Meng. It assumes wrong doing from the start, thereby committing the transgression referred to in 6.6.

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    bruce Guest


    Oops, I mean in 4.6.

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    Talking to Mojo as you would to yourself Bruce ? Just begs the question how you talk to yourself, lol.

    Its gone crazy over there, first theres a drunk dragon lying in the mud and now theres a man conversing with a dog. In a thousand years from now that thread may be discovered in the ether somewhere and people will think it all has great mythological significance, lol. Who was the magical famed dog 'mojo' they will ponder ? And who was the sage who spoke to him as he would himself ? Debate will rage and factions form. Just imagine if the Yi Jing was made like this ??

    I guess this has ocurred to everyone but suppose you made your own oracle, a bit in the way some of us are doing over on that thread - and then used it, might it work ? I guess it would lack any kind of inner congruence or coherence - using very random images plucked out of nowhere, ie 3.5
    The chastened dog is bewildered, but smiles eerily, good fortune you are on the right path.

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