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Thread: Five element theory

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    Researching this more with a view to adding material to my website, I found the following about Chinese philosopher Xiao Ji 蕭吉 (581-618 CE):

    The author is of the opinion that the Five Processes are the ground of all creations and also of human relationships. The five measures (wudu 五度) of Heaven are to be seen in the movements of the celestial bodies, the "five elements" (wucai 五材) of the Earth in the richness of is sources, and the five virtues (wude 五德) of man in the expressions of virtues.
    According to http://www.chinaknowledge.de/Literat...angwuxing.html he is the author of a book which "explains the cycle of the phases". It says that since Han times (206 BCE-220 CE),

    The change of the phases is described as different cycles, namely the productive cycle (sheng 生) or victorious (sheng 勝) and the destructive cycle (ke 克).
    but cites no other authority. Is there such an authority? Is any of it available in translation?
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