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Thread: It furthers one to see the great man

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    maremaria Guest

    Default It furthers one to see the great man

    What does that mean.?

    When we get a hex or a line with that phrase, does it means that we need external help to meet a situation or something else ?

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    The great person is the one who is above the norm, one who isn't limited to concern with the physical and the lower psychological, one who balances compassion and discernment, one who is less obsessessed with the self-concern of the ego. The great person has made a study of practical psychology and spirit, which means a study of him/herself using the guidance available through traditions and teachers who deal in this sort of knowledge. The great person has gone beyond mere study though, because he/she has actually taken at least some of the steps that transform one's being - see, the great person has taken on the responsibility of making changes in their life according to the self-knowledge gained: the 'too much' here has been reduced, the 'too little' there has been developed, the system has been brought into balance, awareness has been stabilized, the yin and yang of his/her being is in a state of conscious, dynamic equilibrium. The state of mind is often one of peace, love, understanding.

    Okay, so when you draw the 'advantageous to see the great person' line, what does it mean? I see various possibilities.

    * Read scripture. The spiritual message that speaks to you evokes your own higher potential. This is contacting the great person.

    * Rig a physical meeting with a great person. A meditation teacher, someone you know who walks their talk, someone who has worked with life and on themselves to bring about personal change. It doesn't have to be a 'professional' spiritual teacher. It might be a recovered alcoholic. Anyone who sincerely works for personal transformation qualifies as a great person.

    * Pray to the spiritual teacher of your choice. This person doesn't have to be alive now (but can be). This person doesn't have to be famous (but can be).

    * Access your own higher mind. Unplug the phone, shut the door, stop activity, meditate or pray or read a useful book, and direct your attention 'inward' toward your own being. Direct your attention to whatever or whoever it is that asks the question 'what is the meaning of the great person?' You will not find it (in the same way it is impossible for the eye to see itself) but in the act of directing attention toward what you really are, your state shifts in the direction of (and possibly attains) the great person in yourself. See, that great person is in you, fully operative, if only you learn how to become aware of it.
    Blessings on your harey lotus feet

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    Quote Originally Posted by maremaria View Post
    ...does it means that we need external help to meet a situation or something else ?

    I believe that to see a great person is an advice. We always need some external help. But if the meaning is not so clear in english, it is less clear in chinese.

    The character translated «to see» means:
    • to see, to observe (from some distance)
    • to meet with, to have an encounter (to get contact, to interact)

    The character translated «great» means:
    • big, large (physical sense)
    • great (moral sense)

    The character translated «person» means:
    • individual wide sense PERSON, individual male person MAN
    • plural wide sense PERSONS, male persons MEN
    • generic persons PEOPLE

    All the combinatory is valid. 2 x 2 x 3 = 12. not less than 12, surely much more.

    • Look for somebody important for you or with enough authority for give you advice or example, no needed to be perfect.
    • Look how great people behave. Could be selected people, could be majorities, could be large groups.

    The advice is polysemic, it has too much senses. The context of your consult will give you the precise meaning for you.

    Remember, no matter how tall, big or great we could be, always there is a person or a group that is taller, bigger or greater than us!

    Don't look for a perfect, wise master, look at the master you have at hand, the one that can help you, sometimes yourself, sometimes not.



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    maremaria Guest


    Dobro and Charly thank you.

    I always found that phrase tough to understand. Still I do.
    I got a reading yesterday and got 45. The weird think was that although the last days posting in another thread about 45 didn’t notice that phrase. One time seems like invisible and then you see it in bold, big letters

    Anyway I ask Yi “who/ what is the great man ?” and got 23.5,6 to 8
    Haven’t figure out yet which is the case here. External or internal being.

    Keep thinking about it....


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    While 45 has been the topic of discussion on the other thread i have been reading about Muhammad. One of his most significant achievements was to bring the many warring tribes of Arabia together. The tribes did not completely trust each other, but at least he got them to Gather Together. Certainly an example of a Great Man.

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    maremaria Guest


    Lawrence of Arabia the movie Character. A 7 great man ?

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    There was greatness in Lawrence, but perhaps there were some other elements as well that 'curved' the greatness as it came through him.
    Blessings on your harey lotus feet

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    maremaria Guest


    When I first saw that movie many-many year ago, I felt in love with that character and Peter O'Toole.

    But seriously, yes you might be right.

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    meng Guest


    Bradford's hex 1 Notes cover "Great Man", Da ren, Jun Zi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maremaria View Post

    When I first saw that movie many-many year ago, I felt in love with that character and Peter O'Toole.

    But seriously, yes you might be right.
    You fell in love with Peter O'Toole and the romanticized version of the character he played in the movie... I seriously doubt you would fall in love with the real T.E. Lawrence... We may still be paying for some of the dabbling him and others from the British Empire did in the Middle East in the early 20th century...

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