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Thread: It furthers one to see the great man

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    Just a quick note here. No matter about translations, no matter about concepts of greatness, the "great man" can refer to absolutely anything. But ultimately, the great man is our own higher self. It is who we contact when we meditate, it is the inner wisdom within each of us, that can only be reached if our "rope goes deep enough and the bucket doesn't leak." The deeper we go into "The Well," the more we understand the true meaning of all lines and judgments.


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    Default for your info

    大da人ren nowadays is the term of adult.
    In ancient times, da ren was commonly used as a respectful form of address for a high-ranking official or a person who has power of influencing other’s future (for instance, a thief calls the policeman who catches him).
    Da ren in the Odes appears in the form of “da ren divines”. I don’t know how long ago before the Odes da ren starts to be used but I know that the political leader was also the religious leader in the times of Shang.

    Therefore to my understanding, Da ren in Yi literally means a high ranking person who has influential power on others.


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    The Big Dude is by my side,
    trustworthy, true as rain,
    to make sure that my life and luck
    don't run down the drain.

    Actually, da ren is da chick;
    without her his motor won't tick.
    OMG! is love,
    where it finds you or you find it.

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    Until recently, I always thought of the Great Man as an ideal, as an archetype. The archetypal wise man who leads by authority of his merits, his knowledge & spiritual achievements. Basically an embodiment of higher qualities, an ideal to aspire for. But I didn't think of it as a real person.

    I am excited to report that recently I have for the first time heard somebody speak who fits the description!

    Seriously, I'm a critical person who is naturally suspicious and not easily impressed. But after sitting down and really giving this a thorough listen, I must say, I am deeply impressed by the interviews and works of Prashant Trivedi. Not sure if it's ok to post links here, but there are some interviews on youtube which can be easily found through the search function there. I was particularly moved by an interview in which he gave an in-depth explanation of the law of Karma and shared some enlightening insights into the Bhagavad Gita. (In fact I listened to it 3x in a row because he addressed so many problems with these concepts! Things just kept 'clicking' into place one after the other!)

    Thought this might be of use and interest to some in this community. After many disappointments, it is the most rare treasure to come across someone in the spiritual field who is genuine, sincere, and who really walks the talk.

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