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Blog post: News about Resonance Journal for Mac


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Apr 8, 1970
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News about Resonance Journal for Mac

Long, long ago, when Justin (the programmer) and I started incubating the idea of Yijing journal software, we settled on building it in Java so it would work for Windows and Mac. And thanks to much attention and TLC from Justin, that’s what it does.

However… it all turned out to be a little trickier in practice than in theory. Everything behaves differently on the Mac – and neither of us owns one. So to create a Mac-friendly version and provide ongoing support for Mac users, Justin has been using an online service, a ‘virtual Mac’. Which, it turns out, doesn’t quite behave like a real one – making tech support interesting


We’ve reluctantly decided to ‘retire’ the Mac version of the Resonance Journal.

For existing Journal users​

If you’ve already bought the Resonance Journal for Mac, don’t panic. It will carry on working just the same as always, and we’ll still do our best to help if you need it.

However, there won’t be any further updates for Mac – so it isn’t future-proof. It’s always possible that some future Apple update will break . (Don’t forget you can export your entries!)

For new Mac users​

The Mac version of the Resonance Journal is different from the Windows version in three ways:

  • no further updates
  • no promise of support (if it’s something we know how to solve, of course we’ll help, but we can’t guarantee anything)
  • and available for half price

Do download and install the trial first, explore it thoroughly and make sure it does what you need!

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