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dropping the second hex when there is one changing line?


Dec 2, 2008
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Does Mr. X love Ms. Y?>51.

I take it that 51 signifies getting into action, or a desire to make things happen. To get things moving, in other words. Is this Mr. X who wishes to get things moving?

61 has to do with connecting to the truth. Hitting the nail on the head. Being 'on spot.' Hitting the center of the target with the arrow.

So, you are asking Yi what is the truth between Mr. X and Ms. Y.

61.2 indicates heartfelt desire. It is as if their very souls speak to each other. This does NOT necessarily have to mean between married people or romantic lovers, by the way. Any two people can become attuned in this way.

61.4 signifies rising above those of our own kind. It means becoming more elevated in consciousness than the people around us. For example, when the people around us might tend to blame and condemn, we might develop greater depth of understanding. That's one way to take it, anyway. I'm sure it has other meanings.

61.5 means he has confidence in himself. It simply is saying that we feel confident that we are correct and we're not wrong. Unfortunately, it does not always signify that we shall get anywhere with our plans.

61.6. The cock crows only once, at the crack of dawn. To talk about this matter too much would be a mistake.

61.6 is an interesting line to me. Sometimes it means we talk too much. At other times it means we fail to speak at the correct time. That is, we give silent consent to something we should not be agreeing to. Something wrong on the level of words. Usually, I guess, it just means that we go on and on talking about something all day. The cock crows only once, in the morning.

The yang pattern is 6, arguing. The yin pattern is 36, hide yourself so as not to be hurt.

At this point, I have to ask you why you are asking about Mr. X and Ms. Y. Usually it is best, when learning the I Ching, to stick to questions about yourself.

Ask about yourself, please. You will learn a lot more.

When we ask questions about other people, the responses become very difficult to interpret. I have no way of understanding from> 51 whether or not Mr. X and Ms. Y love each other. It seems that there are arguments and they are living in a contentious atmosphere, and somebody wants to get things moving.

We do not see hexagram 31, Mutual Attraction. We do not see hexagram 53, 54, or 32, all of which have to do with marriages.

The I Ching has revealed a deeper level of truth, not just what people are talking about.

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