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Please look at this, need advice.


May 3, 2012
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I have been wondering if my mom and I will always be close, and according to the readings it is saying the exact opposite.

"What will happen between me and my mom"-- to 3
"With my heart open, will I love my mom always"-- 23 (this scares me, but I guess it could mean alot of things)
"Is there a way I can always be close to my mom"-- to 29
"Will this relationship with my mom end"-- 8 unchanging
"Will I separate from my mom for good"-- 34.2 to 55
"I love my mom, will I always love her"-- to 51
"Will I always love my mom no matter what"-- 41.6 to 19
"How do I approach a healthy relationship with my mom"-- 5.5 to 11
"After this change will I be completely separated from my mom"-- 17.1.4 to 8
"Can I still have a relationship with my mom after this change"-- 6.3 to 44
"What will this shock be"-- 36 unchanging
Will this change still allow me to love mom"-- 11.1.5 to 48
"Does this relationship with my mom have to end"-- 35.2.3 to 50

I know it's alot, but this really worries me. It sounds to me as if that I have to separate from her but goodness will come of it. I don't want to separate from her, I love her so much. You don't have to answer everything, but if people could give me input on at least something of this, that would be so helpful. Thank you
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