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hexagram 11

  1. F

    His intentions towards me: 7.1.3>11

    I recently met a guy at a retreat center (he works there) that really piqued my interest romantically. Nothing concrete has happened between us romantically at this point. But I asked the i ching to "please give me insight into his intentions towards me". I got hexagram 7, with changing lines 1...
  2. E

    What should i do now to improve our life?

    Hello I am new to Clarity and wish to thank Hilary Barrett for this opportunity. Things aren't going too well, given covid times (not ill - just a lack of work), layoffs, book publishing mixups, etc. So I asked Yi "what should i do now to improve our life?" - 'our' being my wife and I. The...
  3. L

    Advertising an event/service? 44.2.3 > 11; 31.3.6 > 11

    Trying to advertise an event/service. Advice on how to advertise? (bradford translations) 44.2.3 Dissipation > 11 Interplay .2: "The creel holds a fish. Nothing is wrong, but this will not benefit the guests." .3: "A rump with no skin. One's progress is inferior now. Brutal, but not a complete...
  4. lysithea

    Changes: to 39/What's it about: 37 uc

    Hey everyone! Long time no see. I would appreciate if some of you could take some time to help me understand one of my latest readings. Just to give some context: May was AWFUL. No point in sugarcoating. It was plain awful in all fronts: personal, emotional, relational, labour related. All...
  5. K

    Reading Meaning - Hexagram 11 changing to 19

    Good morning all! I'm quite new to the nuances of the I Ching and could really use some sage advice on interpreting my recent reading. Here it is: Should I leave my position at [company] and accept the position with [company] and see the mistress everyday? (just a note about the history...
  6. P

    26.6>11 Coping with U.S. political changes

    I asked the other day how I could best deal with the terrible news every day so as to be most effective in my own life. The backdrop is that I am in the U.S. and not only have I been seriously dismayed at the political changes in general with the last election, but the new Congress is already...
  7. P to 11 - Heartbreak or Happily Ever After?

    Ok, the title's a bit exaggerated, but that's the basic idea - what is the relationship between the relating hexagram 11 and the 51 main hexagram? I asked recently what the future of my relationship with my boyfriend looks like, having had some other unsettling readings about this lately. 51...
  8. C to 31 what should I do with my unstable GF to 31 what should I do with my unstable GF My girl friend and I (2.7 year relationship) have been going through very rough times lately, mostly due to her personal problems. She is now very confused of her feeling towards me, says she loves me and cares for me, that I am the best...
  9. firerabbit

    Mulling goals, and housing

    Hoping for some extra insight here. I'm living with my parents, working a lot at a grocery store, saving a good deal of money up. I have a pretty good arrangement with my parents, and we get along well in an un-ideal situation. I've mulled renting an apartment for quite a while now, but it...
  10. U

    Thoughts on The New Guy?

    I dated someone earlier this year who has resurfaced again. I asked these following questions and need your insights please. What does he really want from me? 43.1.2> 31 How can I connect with him on a deeper level? Hex 11 unchanging What's the relationship potential here? 17.2.6>10 Thanks in...
  11. A

    Hex 11.2>36: Quitting my job, starting somewhere new.

    Hello to all! :bows: Today I asked the Yi about the outcome of quitting my current job --where I no longer feel challenged mentally, only economically compensated for following orders in which I no longer believe-- with the purpose of dedicating my day time to teaching English and Spanish. My...
  12. yxeli


    Hey everyone, Happy overguzzling and all that- hope everyones keeping things together! quick question about an answer i've drawn about tonight. I'm going to a party and was just asking yi what i should be aware of about the evening. I havent seen these peope in a few months as ive been out of...
  13. M

    Please look at this, need advice.

    I have been wondering if my mom and I will always be close, and according to the readings it is saying the exact opposite. "What will happen between me and my mom"-- to 3 "With my heart open, will I love my mom always"-- 23 (this scares me, but I guess it could mean alot of things)...
  14. M

    What is going to happen?? I need help.

    I have been wondering if my mom and I will always be close, and according to the readings it is saying the exact opposite. "What will happen between me and my mom"-- to 3 "Is there a way I can always be close to my mom"-- to 29 "Will this relationship with my mom end"-- 8...
  15. yxeli

    Big Performance Looming 11 2.3.5 >3

    HI CLARIFIERS! :D I've got a gig coming up on Saturday, and this week i'm working on a 45 minute set for it... From scratch! I'm 13 mins in so far... I asked the Yi ' What should I focus on with regard to the set?' 11 2.3.5 to 3 Any of your wonderful wisdom would be hugely appreciated...
  16. F

    what action does 11.5-5 suggest?

    I'm intrigued by a reading I did asking what kind of action I should take. I got 11.5 changing to 5. I guess in this case, the resulting hex might show the needed approach (Patience)? resulting in the restoration of harmony? What are your perspectives on this? I'm only now starting to see the...
  17. A

    hexagram 11, changing line 3 to hex 29

    Hi, I am new here and very new with the I Ching. I think I first posted the thread in the wrong section. I woul like to know the advice of someone more experienced than me with the interpretation of the hex. My question was related to a particular dream I had years ago, when my grandmother...
  18. kdedeaux4

    Hexagram 44 and 11...please help?

    Hi, I've been interested in the iching for some time now but am still a complete novice in interpretations and understanding! I have had a long term tumultuous relationship that has been enduring for 3 years under some incredibly difficult and challenging circumstances, at which he and I are...

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