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Well, well, well...hex 48 (48.1.5 & 48.3.4)


Aug 9, 2016
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Ok, so I asked "What action can I take to better attract a loving, committed romantic relationship into my life?"

I received hexagram 48.1.5

I then asked "What has caused me to remain single for these last five years?"

And laughed a bit because I got hexagram 48 again, this time with changes in lines 3 and 4 :)

For some background, I have been single for five years following a long,painful relationship. While I have gone on dates and attracted many admirers...it never is anything lasting, requited or beyond purely physical attraction. The few times all of those things were present, something always prevented an actual relationship from forming...either distance, an event, an ex lover, or something else. Just trying to better understand how I can heal my love life and actually find a partner for me.


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Feb 14, 2013
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Hi Happyartist,

I'm sorry that no one ever responded to this post. Incidentally, I found it when looking for answers about a love quandry also. I also received 48.1.5, although I also had the 3rd line changing.

I was hoping for someone else's insight, but just to take a crack at it– hexagram 48 is about accessing a part of yourself that is nourishing and steadfast. So the iching may be saying to you that you have experienced these setbacks to help you understand how to create that kind of safe space within yourself, no matter what happens. That is, you may have experienced a lot of heartache and grief in order to make you stronger from within.

Line 1 also talks about creating a condition in which the water can flow, and 48.1 changes to 5– waiting. So it is about mending your well so the water can flow rather than simply waiting around for it to happen on it's own.

Line 5 changes to hexagram 46, which is to push upward step-by-step. And 48.5 reminds you that there is nourishing cold water here for you to drink. So I feel it is telling to push towards your goal step-by-step while reminding yourself that you have a powerful source within yourself from which to draw from.

Here is a quote from the Wiki:

"The well: clear, cold spring water to drink.’

How simple. What you need is here - drink it.

When guided by the pure source of inspiration or a series of synchronicities, and you will surely find what you need in a step-by-step manner.

48 zhi Hexagram 46, the Well’s Pushing Upward. Maybe the water welling upward, maybe the step by step process that brought you here: you can be sure that such steady work will be rewarded."

I really like this– I think it is a nice image to remind you that all is "well" (no pun intended haha). Also, the two lines together make your resulting Hex 11. 11 is translated simply as "Peace."

So I think overall that the IChing is assuring you to draw on your inner strength and be at Peace. What you seek will happen in time if you focus on healing yourself.

I hope this helps. As I said, I had a similar reading in response to a question about heartbreak. So it was kind of helpful for me to try to read your lines– I think I learned from it too :)

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