The original Who will be President of the United States thread got 20 pages long. After Trojina's great idea on page 20 of that thread, that someone should collate all readings about Trump and Clinton, I decided to be that someone. I went through the whole thread (phew...) and here are the collated results. For anyone interested in all the readings about Bernie Sanders, I had summarised them on page 9 of the original thread.

To add my overall impression after this interesting exercise:
The elections will be a thriller full of suspense and unexpected twists and turns.
The next president will be either Trump, or none of the two.

I would also like to add Sixth Relative's excellent observation from that original thread:

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when it comes to the use of Yijing in electoral issues, my experience is that 'getting more votes', 'winning the election' and 'taking office' are 3 different animals. It is the best practice to Keep that difference in mind when tossing the coins.

ref noposterdatequestioncast
mholden1969April 20th, 2016Will Trump be our next President41.1 > 4
2Will Hilary be our next President10.1.4.5 > 4
3loverofknowledgeApril 21st, 2016Will Trump win the election57.5 > 33
4Will Hilary win the election8.1.2.5 > 19
5TohpolApril 21st, 2016I received 9.5>26 for Trump as President9.5 > 26
6mholden1969May 11th, 2016Is Trump going to be the next President55.1 > 62
7Will Hilary be our next President31.3.4 > 8
8mholden1969July 1st, 2016Will Hilary win this election41 unchanging
9Will Trump win this election15.5.6 > 53
10mirianJuly 22nd, 2016Please describe the gender of the next American president.8.3 > 39
11Tim KJuly 22nd, 2016I decided to ask about a gender too16.3 > 62
12Trump wins?43.6 > 1
13Trump wins?47.4 > 29
14Clinton?46.5 > 48
15Clinton?20.2 > 59
16TohpolJuly 22nd, 2016What's the likelihood that Trump will romp home to "victory"?13 unchanging
17What's the likelihood that Hillary Clinton will romp home to "victory"? > 43
18steveJuly 22nd, 2016Give me a picture of the next president of the USA25.4.6 > 3
19liquidityAugust 30th, 2016Trump's electoral prospects3 unchanging
20Hillary's prospects36.1.4 > 62
21mirianSeptember 2nd, 2016reading for Clinton50.2.3 > 35
22reading for Trump2.4 > 16
23steveSeptember 12th, 2016Will Clinton resign before the election57. > 3
24mirianSeptember 12th, 2016I did a reading asking if she would succeed regardless [of her pneumonia]45.3 > 31
25mirianSeptember 13th, 2016Is Clinton going to walk into the White House as a President?50.3 > 18
26Is Clinton going to resign? > 16
27mulberrySeptember 14th, 2016Will Clinton be president?64.1.3 > 14
28I also asked for a picture of Trump's chances to win27.6 > 24
29Re: assassination...I asked for a picture of Trump's risk2.1.4 > 51
30mirianSeptember 18th, 2016I asked today if Clinton is going to win25 unchanging
31diamandaSeptember 25th, 2016Hilary & Trump - will the next president be one of them?24.1.5 > 8
32leighdSeptember 27th, 2016Will HC be the next president of the US?25 unchanging
Will DT be the next president of the US?51 unchanging
34mulberrySeptember 28th, 2016Will Hillary be president?55.3 > 51
35Will Trump be president?51.1.5 > 45
36soshinOctober 10th, 2016In which position is Mr. Trump now?29.6 > 59
37steveOctober 20th, 2016Will trump win the election26.1.2.6 > 15
38liquidityOctober 20th, 2016Prospects for Trump in the election?13.2 > 1