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Thread: Trump or Clinton?

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    i agree , when the question directly effects you, biased will give you muddled readings.
    Sit on the fence or stay in your mountain home, if you can?
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    I find this topic fascinating and I'm going through all the readings again. I'm adding a summary of subsequent readings - not a very detailed one this time, but helpful to myself and hopefully to others too.

    November 8th, Election Day: outlook for Hilary to win?2.6 > 23
    outlook for Trump to win? > 32
    Will Hilary take office?20.1.4 > 25
    Will Trump take office?48.1.5 > 11
    What are Hillary's chances to win this tonight?3.6 > 42
    Will Trump be the winner?64.6 > 40
    Hillary's prospects42 unchanging
    Trump's (prospects)61.2 > 42
    Cast late at night 7 Nov 2016. Trump wins?11.5 > 5
    Clinton wins?25 unchanging
    I asked questions about each candidate yesterday and also got 42 unchanging about Hillary42 unchanging
    37.1.2 > 57 about Trump37.1.2 > 57
    Will Clinton make concession speech sometime on November 940 unchanging
    Same question for trump19 unchanging
    Will trump make victory speech on November 928.1.4.6 > 5
    Would Clinton be giving victory speech on November 959.2.4.5 > 35
    Nov 8th 2016-Hillary-Clinton-lose/win-Presidential Candidate-Elections. Please comment29.4 > 47
    Nov 8th 2016-Trump-Donald-lose/win-Presidential Candidate-Elections. Please comment41.5 > 61

    I'll add my thoughts on them later (about 60 readings in total is not a small amount!).

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    I've already written my view on 18 and resulting 18 (corruption, abandoning corruption), so here are a few more details that stand out for me. Also: I've counted the questions which were about Clinton/Trump only. They're 50 questions in total, 25 about HC, and 25 about DT.

    About 51 - primary, unchanging, changing

    51 had also turned up in other political threads, and imo it clearly shows that what we're being fed by the media will not happen - hence the result is going to be generally shocking. I read various online newspapers the day after the election, and the word 'shock' was in all of them.

    Will Hillary be president? 55.3 > 51
    Shading because of many banners. Obviously a reference to the countless wilileaks emails. Breaks right arm - well, John Podesta was her 'right arm', and there was shock because of the whole thing. And yet, 'no blame', so far she's got away with it.

    Will DT be the next president of the US? 51 unchanging
    Will Trump be president? 51.1.5 > 45

    51 unchanging was obviously a shocking yes. I've always seen 51.1 as a pleasant surprise. Then we've got the frantic activity and multiple shocks of 51.5, and then the congregation of 45. As a footnote, I do wonder if there are more shocks in store (as described in 51.5) - after all, he's not fully president yet.

    25 and 41/42

    I asked today if Clinton is going to win 25 unchanging
    Will HC be the next president of the US? 25 unchanging
    Will Hilary take office? 20.1.4 > 25
    Clinton wins? 25 unchanging

    4 questions (out of a total of 25 questions) involve hexagram 25, and three of them unchanging. I have no doubt that this is a case of "If someone is not as he should be, He has misfortune". Ok so she hasn't been prosecuted, the people however became increasingly aware of her dirt.

    Will Hilary win this election 41 unchanging
    What are Hillary's chances to win this tonight? 3.6 > 42
    Hillary's prospects 42 unchanging
    I asked questions about each candidate yesterday and also got 42 unchanging about Hillary 42 unchanging

    This looks quite tricky. 41 shows loss. And 3.6, as I believe many of us will know, is an excruciatingly painful line. But how about the two unchanging 42s? The third question asks about her prospects, and the fourth question doesn't specify the exact question. 42 means increase, profit. So it sounds like she will profit somehow, even though, as the majority of the readings indicated, she lost the elections. I believe it remains to be seen how exactly she will profit from losing. Perhaps she will do like Tony Blair does nowadays, striking hugely lucrative deals with various shady figures. Perhaps it will benefit her to be away from the limelight because she won't be investigated any further. Or who knows how else.

    An election victory for Trump - but what about afterwards?

    I still think that some of the Trump readings look suspicious. Ok he's won, we know that, and many of the readings predicted that, and many of us saw that coming. But what about these readings..?

    Trump's electoral prospects 3 unchanging - right now, most news titles speak of pre-presidency chaos.
    Will Trump win the election 56.5 > 33 - spot on, hits the target... but then retreats..?
    Is Trump going to be the next President 55.1 > 62 - for "ten days" only..?
    Trump's (prospects) 61.2 > 42 - 61.2 sounds so great, but, here's another resulting 42, which hasn't proved good for HC so far. Sharing profits with his 'young'? Hmm he should beware too much 42, in case he ends up as a 25 case as well.

    I read on an astrology blog that Trump has got a nasty transit coming up. Saturn will oppose his natal sun, from mid January (it didn't mention for how long). When I had this transit it was pure hell, in pretty much every domain of my life imaginable. In conclusion, I have some reservations about this whole presidency business, and I'm not convinced that the shocks and drama are over yet.

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    Generally a shocking result, but in particular 51 also suggests one who wears the costume of the eldest son and who can be relied on, amid the startling events, not to drop the ladle or spill the sacrificial wine. He is not so vulnerable to the tactics of the smear campaign and sexual and financial McCarthyism.
    45 also has the potential for group shock, like a damburst and all hell suddenly breaking loose.

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    Several days after the election, someone said to me (this person voted for Trump), that in his opinion what Hillary wanted was the "personal satisfaction of being the first woman president," and that she wouldn't really do anything if elected - her desired accomplishment was just to be elected.

    Not sure how I feel about that, on several counts, one of which is that most people running for office probably have outsized egos...also, campaigning is a hard job, being president is a hard job, and there are easier ways to spend your late 60s and 70s...and those things apply to both candidates...(also, it's something I'd heard about Trump, too, people questioning whether he'd actually want the job if he got it, or if being president was just another trophy for him).

    But - this is a very simple and somewhat obvious point of view I'd never considered. I'd always looked at the "first woman president" thing as just a plain fact of the situation, and something Hillary would of course be proud of, but otherwise I thought of her as a normal candidate running for the normal reasons (whatever those might be; I really don't follow politics). But I wonder how much of the electorate thought as my acquaintance did, that this was her entire motivation. And I wonder if that's reflected in any of these readings, in any way, pro or con or as an explanation for anything?
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