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Conversations are private messages

'Conversations' replace 'private messages' on the old forum software. They are just as private, but with two main differences:

  • a conversation is laid out like a thread on a single page - no more 'inbox' and 'sent items'
  • you can easily add more than two people to a conversation (no more faffing about with cc-ing)

You could think of them as 'private threads' - except that if everyone leaves a thread, it sits in the archive; if everyone leaves a conversation, it's deleted.

To start a conversation

In the main 'Community' menu, click on the 'conversations' link -
- and then 'start a new conversation' -

or click on a member's name or avatar anywhere on the forum, then on 'Start conversation'

On the 'Conversation' page that opens, you can enter more members in the 'recipients' box. (Note: for non-supporters, it's just one recipient at a time.)

Managing conversations

The 'conversations' link is in the main Community menu under 'Membership'. (Click 'Show all...' in the popup window to view the full list of your conversations.)

To delete a conversation from your list, you leave it via the link at the top:

If all participants leave a conversation, it's deleted completely.

On the conversations list, you can select individual conversations with the checkbox -
- and then use the options that appear at the bottom of the screen to...

  • leave the conversation
  • mark it as read/ unread
  • star it / unstar it

Find individual conversations with the filter options above the list:

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