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Deleting posts

If your post is less than 3 days old and not the first post on a thread

If the post you want to delete is under 3 days old, you can delete it yourself.

Log in to the forums (check in the top right-hand corner of the page that you're logged in), then click the 'Delete' link below your post.

If your post is more than 3 days old, or the first post of a thread

If your post is more than three days old, or if it's the first post of a thread, then you won't be able to delete it for yourself and will need to get a moderator to help. To do this, click the Report post button beneath the post you'd like deleted and add a note to say you'd like the post deleted.

Before you ask to have a post deleted

If your post is the first one in a thread, the process can get a bit complicated, because...

  1. We don't delete people's messages here without their permission unless they have done something wrong, like repeatedly broken the rules. Members often put a lot of time and thought into their replies here, and it wouldn't be fair just to wipe out their hard work.
  2. Deleting the first post of a thread automatically deletes the whole thread, with all the replies.

If your post is the first one on a thread, this means we normally need the permission of everyone who's replied there before we can delete it. So before you ask to have a post deleted, please contact all the people who replied and get their permission to delete their posts. You can do this via private conversation. Then when you have everyone's permission, you can report the post.

An alternative: change your username

If you want to delete your posts because you're worried that someone might stumble across the I Ching Community and recognise you, you can change your username here: https://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/amember/profile.

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