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Supporting Clarity

Why your support matters

Clarity is an odd, unfashionable sort of business: it's not really normal nowadays for a business website to host 100s of pages of free information, let alone its own free community.

But it is still a business, and I need this website to make money so I can keep it going (and put food on the table). You're welcome to use Clarity as much as you want without paying - but if you do decide to support my work by buying something, I want to show my appreciation.

Supporter benefits

Note: every new member gets to try these same benefits for two months, and everyone who was a member before we migrated to the new system also gets access for a couple of months, to celebrate our move and as a 'thank you' for your patience with the old software.

As a supporter...

  • you can 'mention' other users by typing @John (to mention John), and John will see a notification with a link to your post.
  • you can bookmark threads and posts.
  • you'll find your user title changes to 'supporter', but you can edit that to whatever you like.
  • you only see the very occasional advert for Clarity in the forums

How to become a supporter

The lowest cost way is to join WikiWing, our member-authored, experience-based Yijing commentary, from as little as £1/month.

The best value way is to join Change Circle, Clarity's full membership, for access to a library of Yijing downloads and courses, private forums and individual phone/video chats with me whenever you'd like help with a reading.

And other, one-off purchases (readings, classes or courses) also give you 'supporter' status for different lengths of time.

What happens if you don't become a supporter?

Nothing very drastic - supporting Clarity isn't compulsory. You can carry on using the forum without restrictions, as always, but you'll be counted as a 'visitor'. You'll notice three differences:

  1. Your user title, that appears under your username, will change to 'visitor' (and not be editable)
  2. Some handy features will disappear.
  3. I'll be asking for your support, frequently and conspicuously, in adverts throughout the forums for Clarity's products and services.

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