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Quick Start Guide

The I Ching Community home page shows a list of forums; each is a 'container' for a different area of discussion.

When you click on a forum name, you see the list of threads - ie conversations people have started here. And threads are made of individual posts from members.

To start a new thread

  • Visit the forum where you want to post, and either click the 'post thread' button or just start typing a title for your thread in the box where it says 'Thread title'. (A post editor opens automatically.)
  • (or you can click the 'new thread' button on the I Ching Community home page or 'new posts' page, in which case you'll be asked to choose a forum)
  • type a title, write your post, then click the 'Post Thread' button under the editor.

To reply to an existing thread

  • To reply to the thread in general (not one post in particular), just type in the box at the bottom of the page and click 'Post reply'.
  • To reply to a specific post, click the 'reply' link in its bottom right-hand corner. This will open a post editor with the post you're replying to already quoted and linked. (For more see 'Quoting')

Know when you get a reply

By default, you will get an 'alert' when someone replies to a thread where you've posted:

  • a blob appears on the I Ching Community tab in your browser:
  • an alert message appears in the Community section of the main menu, under 'membership':

To get notified of new replies by email

(I recommend checking the box for 'receive email when a new conversation message is received', too.)

Each email notification will contain a link directly to the new reply. Please note, you can't respond by replying to the email.

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